Different series of collages. Handmade with paper clippings from old magazines and books, scissors, glue and sellotape, sometimes sewing thread. Juxtaposing and intertwining images of people (mostly women and children) with plants, tropical fish, medical images …


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Visje bij de Thee
My latest (2022) surreal and humoristic series. The title is a wink to Dutch writer Annie M.G. Schmidt whose work I love so much. A combination of images from a vintage book about fish and other sea creatures, and images from an old embroidery book with photos and patterns for table cloths, throw pillows and such. I made a series of exactly 10cm to be sold through Other, bigger sizes can be seen here. All collages are available in a 30x30cm passe partout and, if you like, in a light wood colored frame.
I made miniature collages for Pakje Kunst Amsterdam too, those have already been sold!


Artist statement: “This is about how it is to be a woman, about sensuality, about to give life, to come from a mother who herself came from hers etc; so about where we came from, if we can believe Darwin we all came from te sea. The first animals in the world lived in the sea and some of these first animals can still be found there.”
scan 013 web
A combination of images from old magazines about FKK (‘Freikörperkultur’) from Germany (fifties / sixties) with books about ‘lower life forms’. The texts in the collages add value to the works. This time the collages are ‘cut and scanned’ (not pasted). I have been experimenting with using both sides of the images / pages. The whole series has been on show at the exhibition Atelier Open Papier, March 2019 at the Bonte Zwaan, Amsterdam.

Pages of women from old erotic magazines, hand cut and intertwined with pages from a house plant catalogue of the same period (sixties/seventies).
Resulted in a collage magazine, self published in a small one-time edition is out now!  Now €10 per item (was €15), postage costs not included. For sale at the Stedelijk Museum Shop. Can also be ordered through me:

The Anatomy Lesson
Children wandering through pages of an old german anatomy book.
14133817482_3a6552eab3_zDe anatomische les #1

Maria and her baby Jesus, cut through and intertwined with plants.
13192513013_284ce278de_z Mamma

Sixties hairdressers magazines, tropical fish and sewing machine.

15759494614_5cb9202199_z Boucles

Lace Ladies
Classic women’s portraits and plants.

11986191073_3167a824df_z Portrait de femme (1)


This book shows works by the artists affiliated with 10x10artist. I’m also participating with one of my new series of collages “Visje bij de thee” (tea and fish), a wink to the Dutch writer Ann M.G. Schmidt whose work I love so much. To see the collagesI made for 10x10artist see: . All collages that are (still) for sale, also in bigger sizes, can be seen here.

OLTRE COLLAGE #5: Sex Therapy (2020)
One of my collages from the FLORIALIA series, Thunbergia Alata 203, is featured on the cover of the new, fifth collage magazine of the Italian collective OLTRE: Sex Therapy. It can be ordered through their website

Article in kM (2018)

The opening article, written by Harald Schole, was about my collage work.
kM is a professional magazine about artist materials and appears every three months. One can buy it in professional art supply stores in The Netherlands or take a subscription.


A Family of Artists, January 24 – March 28, 2016, Museum Wierdenland, Ezinge (NL)
With works by my grandmother Turi Braaksma – van Heerikhuizen, her granddaughters Gertie Jaquet, Maartje Jaquet and Turi Braaksma and her niece Femke van Heerikhuizen.


Platform Platvorm, December 11 2015 – January 3, 2016, Amsterdam.
‘Show what you want show round 2’, launching the second issue of Platform Platvorm magazine.
pp3 pp1

New Members of Arti et Amicitiae, October 9 – November 1, 2015, Amsterdam
arti nieuwe leden postertje 21870267930_c3bfd76593_z

Atelier WG Open Studios, October 4, 2015, WGKunst, Amsterdam.
Guest in Jelle Kampen’s studio.
21759820700_12a9dfa41f_z 12108165_10204905742705154_1867228095891092254_n 21957666321_1ba76a6513_z

SALON/ Dantel, November 1 – December,  2014, Istanbul.
Part of the 2.Istanbul Design Biennial Parallel Event Programme.

PAPIER 紙, October 11 – November 9, 2014, Le Poulailler, Wannehain, France.
Collages and Paper Stop Motion (made in collaboration with Judith Koning).
LE POULAILLER - PAPIER 紙 15347170980_b6d920d02b_b
Schermafbeelding 2016-04-04 om 09.12.31 Schermafbeelding 2016-04-04 om 09.12.42 Schermafbeelding 2016-04-04 om 09.19.04

SALON/BIG BANG June 26 – August 24, 2014, Amsterdam.
Schermafbeelding 2016-04-04 om 09.25.16
ONGEKEND KANT, May 31 – September 11, 2014, Museum IJsselstein (NL).

Ongekend Kant in MIJ: opening

SPRiNG is in the AiR, April 21 – June 1, 2014, Outsider Art Kelder Amsterdam.
An international group exhibition curated by me, with some of my collages and video works.
toddlers gymnastics springsnow

HAUS AM SEE, December 14, 2013 until March 14, 2014. De Wijde Blik, Amsterdam.
A non stop installation with a slideshow of my collages. The series ‘Haus am See’ was inspired by  Peter Fox’ song.

haus am see de wijde blik

MAARTJE JAQUET COLLAGES, December 16, 2013 – February 1, 2014, Atelier Open, Amsterdam.

poster collages maartje jaquet


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