Solo & Duo Exhibitions


  • K10D (Kunst10Daagse) – small exhibition, together with my sister Gertie Jaquet, in our mothers nursing home Oudtburgh, Bergen. October 21 – 30. Pen and watercolor portraits, collages.
  • Keti Project – Ala Sma Tori – Large (solo) overview exhibition in the Open Space Heesterveld of CBK Zuidoost in Amsterdam. Free access. Opening hours: Wednesday to Saturday 12-5 pm.
    Opening: Friday 24 June from 4 pm to 7 pm.
    Finissage: Friday 15 July from 17:00 to 19:00. This exhibition period is also an Artist Residency.
    Address: OPEN SPACE, Heesterveld 35, 1102 SB Amsterdam.
  • Keti  Koti Project – Ala Sma Tori – website launch with exhibition, Art Space Arti et Amicitiae, April 21-29


  • Keti Koti Portraits (1) , a presentation of the first series of pen and watercolor portraits for my ‘Keti Koti Project – Ala Sma Tori’, made while working in CBK Zuidoost in the month of June, until July 1st.


  • Bezielde lijnen, duo-exhibition with Rinaldo Klas. Drawing and painting. At Readytex Art Gallery, Paramaribo, Suriname
  • Six years of collage. An overview of my collage series featuring women and how one series evolved from the other. At ‘Atelier Open PAPIER 2019’, Haparandadam, Amsterdam


  • TOON Amsterdam. A selection of drawings / paintings made during my artist residency in the ‘KunstKamer’ (Amsterdam), lus a series of stitched (embroidered) collages on cotton.


  • BijlmAIR, Amsterdamse Mensen (Humans of Amsterdam). A presentation of four weeks drawing and painting people of Amsterdam Zuid Oost.
  • De KunstKamer, Amsterdamse Mensen (Humans of Amsterdam). A presentation of five days Artist in Residence, drawing and painting people of Amsterdam Nieuw West.
  • RELATED, Maartje Jaquet (collages & launch of collage magazine FLORIALIA) and Turi Braaksma (drawings and collages), TOON Amsterdam
  • Springsnow in word and image, outside the Rietveld House, Amstelpark, Amsterdam. Ronald M. Offerman wrote poetry to my photo series.


  • TWIZA or the art of give and take, Huis De Pinto, Amsterdam – drawings and water color paintings, videos and photos made in Northern Morocco. With accompanying texts by Asis Aynan, Shida Boukhizou, Maria van Daalen, Leo Divendal, Jos van Hest, Chaib Massaoudi, Nisrine Mbarki, Frenk Der Nederlanden, Mustafa Stitou, and Sandra de Weijze


  • The artist and her collection, Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam. An exhibition featuring my art collection. With works by many different artist friends and family members (paintings, linocuts, photos, drawings, sculptures, poetry, mail art and more, combined with some of my own works – poetry, photography, collage, video
  • Atelier WG Open Studios, Amsterdam – collage
  • Five Years with Maartje Jaquet, Gallery Atelier Open, Amsterdam  – photography, video, drawings, paintings, poetry, collage, mixed media & collaborations.


  • Madonna&Child, Amstelkerk, Amsterdam (part of Salon/BigBang) – collage
  • Haus am See, De Wijde Blik, Amsterdam – collage
  • Maartje Jaquet Collages, Gallery Atelier Open, Amsterdam – collage


  • Gevonden Kunst – Found Art, Gallery Kiek-Kus, Deventer (Duo exhibition with ‘Straatjutter’ Krista Peters) – photography and poetry


  • Noorderlicht: Landschap als Illusie van de natuur, AlleskAn, Kunstlokaal No. 8, Jubbega- Schurega (Duo exhibition with Josien de Geus) – photography


  • Coulisse Vise Versa, Nieuwe Vide, Haarlem (Duo exhibition with Max Linsen) – photography
  • Urban Animals for WWF, Y&R, International Print Campaign – photography
  • Stadstuin – City Garden, Punt WG, Artist in residence & solo exhibition, Amsterdam – photography, poetry, video
  • Op Straat (Out on the street), Gallery Atelier Open, Amsterdam (Duo exhibition with Max Linsen) – photography
  • Moving Images, Gallery Atelier Open, Amsterdam – video & paintings
  • La Bête Urbaine, Gallery Le Poulailler, Wannehain (France) – photography, poetry, video
  • Stadsbeesten – Urban Animals, Selexyz Bookstore, Amsterdam photography, poetry


  • Stadsbeesten – Urban Animals, Amsterdam Royal Gallery, Amsterdam – photography, poetry
  • Road Movies, Kunstvlaai Art Pie – video installation
  • Filmsalon (60’), Kunstcafé, Oosterwolde – video installation
  • Open Studio Weekend, Amsterdam (Duo exhibition with Alison Bass) – photography, poetry, video


  • Wereld Dierendag (World Animal Day), Amsterdam Royal Gallery, Amsterdam (Duo exhibition with Marcel Prins) – photography, poetry, video
  • Secret Life Of Plants, Haptonomiepraktijk  Lijnbaansgracht, Amsterdam – photography

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