Group Exhibitions


  • BijlmAIR, overview exhibition of all artists who did an Artist Reosdency at the BijlmAIR Studio. CBK Zuidoost, Amsterdam. Group Art Work by Rinaldo Klas, Moritz Ebinger and me.
  • 50 years Gallery ‘De Kapberg‘. Egmond aan den Hoef (drawings & collages)
  • Artist Residency BijlmAIR. September 1- 29. Group Art Project by Rinaldo Klas, Moritz Ebinger and me.
  • WG Kunst InsideOut: FUTURE. June 21 – september 21. Text art, embroidered on textile.
  • Summer Salon: COLORFUL. June 17- August 27, CBK Zuidoost, Amsterdam (portrait- & text art, printed on a big cotton cloth
  • Luku/Looking back at … How Suriname inspires and connects. June 1 – July 22 (pen and watercolor portraits & video art)
  • Chinese European Art Center (CEAC) Xiamen, China from April 16 – May 21 (video art)
  • International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, Germany April 30 – May 9 (video art)
  • ROOD (RED), an exhibition by artists who are part of in Café Eijlders, Amsterdam. Februari – March (pen and watercolor portraits)


  • Arti Salon 2021, Keti Koti Project Preview, towards the final presentation in Amsterdam Zuidoost, June – July 2022. Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam (big print of 21 pen and watercolor portraits) – until February 10th
  • Pakje Kunst Amsterdam in Museum Het Schip, Amsterdam. Tiny portraits of Fré Cohen (pen and watercolor)
  • ‘Palm Tree’ (one minute video of an installation by Su Tomesen) screened in citizenM Hotel Miami World Center until November 2024 (video art)
  • Arti Salon 2021. Keti Koti Project Preview, towards the final presentation in Amsterdam Zuidoost, June – July 2022. Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam (big print of 21 pen and watercolor portraits)
  • WG Kunst Kerstsale 2021. Pen and watercolor drawings.
  • Pakje Kunst Amsterdam in Museum Het Schip, Amsterdam. Tiny portraits of Fré Cohen (pen and watercolor)
  • ‘Palm Tree’ (installation by Su Tomesen) screened in citizenM Hotel Miami World Center until November 2024 (video art)
  • KINDERKUNSTBIËNNALE: MINI MUSEUM, a three dimensional cabinet of curiosities made with the youngest groups of SBO Het Spectrum Amsterdam, a school for special education, children who need extra attention. OBA Amsterdam.
  • ‘Fashion’ screened in the elevators of citizenM Hotel Paris Champs-Élysées, until August 2024 (video art)
  • ZOMERSALON ROYAAL, CBK Zuidoost. Pen and watercolor portrait, from my Keti Koti Project.
  • 10x10artist in Café Eijlders, Amsterdam. Drawings (pen and watercolor).
  • A series of eight pen and water color drawings of people wearing face masks, made for Argus magazine, has been acquired by the KOG (Royal Antiquarian Society) at the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam and are now kept in one of the Atlases of ‘Customs and Manners’
  • A new series of my pen and water color drawings, originally made for Argus magazine, has been acquired by CBK Zuidoost, Amsterdam, where the drawings / paintings are on display, for lease of for sale.
  • My art, consisting of a series of pen and water color drawings, made for Argus magazine, is represented by MUSEO, an online gallery presenting multiples, series and editions of acclaimed international artists.
  • My art (photography, pen / watercolor) is represented by, a digital gallery that displays and sells all kinds of art works by different artists, all works are sized 10x10cm.


  • Arti Salon 2020 New Works. My hand My Feet My land. Mail art collaboration with Sandra de Weijze. Pen and watercolor drawings, poetry, text, thoughts.
  • M_M_Artspace, Amsterdam Zuidoost.
  • ZOMERSALON ROYAAL, CBK Zuidoost. Pen and watercolor portrait, from my Keti Koti Project.
  • ARTI 2.020 Summer Salon. Pen and watercolor portrait.
  • ZOMERSALON ROYAAL, CBK Zuidoost. Pen and watercolor drawing.
  • Pakje Kunst Amsterdam, Galerie Oosterbosch and Gallery Skik, pen and water color drawings
  • A DOODLE A DAY, Arti et Amicitiae Amsterdam, photos and drawings (pen / pen and watercolor).
  • KATTENSTAD, WG Kunst Amsterdam. Pen drawings.
  • ART = LIFE = ART, mural on the facade of Arti et Amicitiae Amsterdam, by five female artists: Babeth M. Vanloo, Eva Gonggrijp, Mathilde MuPe, Diana Blok and me. Enlarged drawings.
  • Five Hundred Linocut Slides, a contribution to this installation with three linocut portrait prints, Atelier Open Amsterdam
  • Plastic Monsters, plastic waste recycle art project in the Amsterdam Tropenmuseum
  • Pakje Kunst Amsterdam, Amsterdam Museum and Gallery Skik, mini art books with drawings & text
  • Arti Winter Salon, Arti et Amicitiae Amsterdam, mural drawing with felt marker
  • Pakje Kunst Amsterdam, Amsterdam Museum, pen and water color drawings


  • Kerststerren Expo bij CBK Zuidoost, Amsterdam, a pencil and water color portrait
  • WG Kunst Kerst Sale, Amsterdam, collage
  • Nasty Women #teamfemke, Amsterdam, collage
  • Nationale Kunstbeurs 2019, Paramaribo (Suriname), pen and water color portraits, drawings and sketches
  • Brasa mi ori … / Groet me met … – art by artists from or with a strong relationship with Suriname,Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam, pen and water color portrait
  • 刹那即永恒 – One Minute is Eternal – Celebrating 21 years of One Minutes, Power Station of Art (PSA) in Shanghai (China), video art
  • De Grote artBRUUT Jubileumshow, sociëteit Sexyland, Amsterdam, collage
  • Summer, Kunstlokaal No 8, Jubbega, Friesland, drawing (pencil and water color)
  • Art ‘n Society, Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam, drawing (pencil and water color)
  • The Bijlmer / Amsterdam Zuidoost (Southeast), CBK Zuidoost, Amsterdam, drawing (pencil and water color)
  • Live Portrait Drawing, VriendenDag | We Make The City | Heropening CBKadoshop, CBK Zuidoost, Amsterdam, drawings (pen and water color)
  • WINDOW ART PROJECT, quotes on art, Amsterdam, text
  • Atelier Open PAPIER 2019: six years of collage. An overview of my collage series featuring women and how one series evolved from the other.


  • The Big Draw in De Baarsjes, Amsterdam: A Local Portrait Gallery, drawings (pen and water color)
  • Green Olive Arts 2013 – 2018, Tétouan (Morocco), drawing (pen and water color)
  • ShanghART Gallery / Sinan Video Salon, Shanhai (China), video
  • Jubel, Kunstlokaal No. 8, Jubbega (Friesland, NL), collage
  • Colourful city – Kleurrijk Amsterdam, Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam, drawings & paintings
  • International Short Film Festival, 34th edition, Hamburg (Germany), two videos
  • KunstKamer, TOON Amsterdam, drawings and paintings made while I was an artist in residence in Amsterdam New West
  • ¡ CLUB FANTASMA !, Torpedo Theater, Amsterdam, photography (with poetry by Ronald M. Offerman)
  • The Bijlmer as seen through the eyes of children (2), OSCAM, Amsterdam, collage art project made with children age 5-9
  • Ammehoela Festival, Club Hyena, Amsterdam, three videos (see below) from the one minutes series Biased Gods and Public Justice
  • 10x10artist, TOON Amsterdam. Stitched (embroidered) collages on cotton.
  • Biased Gods – oneminutes series curated by Janna Ullrich *), video ‘vlinderslag’ (Butterfly Stroke), made in collaboration with Judith Koning
  • The Bijlmer as seen through the eyes of children (1), Heesterveld Creative Community, collage art project made with children age 5-9
  • Public Justice – oneminutes series curated by Quincy Gario *), videos ‘mobylettes’ and ‘whirling’
  • Dichtersparade ‘Soms gaan letters’, Poëzie aan de Brink, Laren, poetry book presentation and poetry recitation

*) the oneminutes series tour museums and cultural organizations with a subscription to The One Minutes Series. So far these are: Dortmunder U (DE), East China, Normal University, Shanghai (CN), Mu, Eindhoven (NL), Museum de Fundatie, Zwolle (NL), Museum Hilversum (NL), Sandberg Instituut, Amsterdam (NL), De School, Amsterdam (NL)


  • The Greatest Smallest Exhibit, TOON Amsterdam, drawings & paintings
  • CBK Zuidoost New Purchases, Amsterdam, drawings & paintings
  • ARTI SALON 2017, Amsterdam, drawing
  • 50 Years Bijlmermeer, Amsterdam, drawings & paintings
  • 10x10artist at Op, Schagen (NL), stitched collages
  • Public House Of Art: THE RIJKS,  Amsterdam, photography / digital collages
  • AIR in ZO, CBK Zuidoost, Amsterdam, drawings & paintings
  • ART FOR ANIMALS’ SAKE, Amsterdam, embroidered collages
  • 30 Years CBK Zuidoost, drawings & paintings
  • BOOGIE GRID, Jubbega (NL), drawing
  • NASTY WOMEN ALKMAAR, Stadskantine Alkmaar (NL), collage
  • DUMP TRUMP, WG Kunst, Amsterdam, drawings
  • NASTY WOMEN ART EXHIBITION AMSTERDAM, Josilda da Coneiçao Galerie, Amsterdam (NL), collages
  • ARGUS Magazine Presentation: People Reading The News, Wassenaar (NL), drawings


  • The One Minutes on Tour,  AMNUA (Art Museum of Nanjing University of the Arts), China, video
  • Durban International Film Festival (SA), video
  • TWIZA or the art of give and take, Huis De Pinto, Amsterdam – water colors, video, photography made in Northern Morocco. With accompanying texts by Asis Aynan, Shida Boukhizou, Maria van Daalen, Leo Divendal, Jos van Hest, Chaib Massaoudi, Nisrine Mbarki, Frenk Der Nederlanden, Mustafa Stitou, and Sandra de Weijze
  • A Family Of Artists, Wierdenland Museum, Ezinge (NL), drawings, video, collage


  • Platform Platvorm | Show What You Want Show, Melkweg, Amsterdam, collage
  • Meet The Experts, Conference On Dementia, Toneelschuur, Haarlem (NL), drawings and paintings
  • WG KUNST Kerstsale, Amsterdam, collage (NL)
  • Huisexpositie, Atelier Open, Amsterdam (NL), collage
  • Beeldjagers, online museum for image hunters, MOTI (Museum Of The Image) (NL) – photography
  • Presentation of the New Members, Arti & Amicitiae, Amsterdam (NL) – collage & video
  • SPELING, AlleskAn | Kunstlokaal №8, Jubbega (NL) – collage
  • Hangen doe je toch, Arti et Amicitiae, mixed media collage
  • Amsterdam Springsnow Exhibition, Amstelkerk, Amsterdam (NL), mixed media collage & video
  • Patroon Expo #1, Utrecht (NL), collage


  • SALON/dantel, Istanbul, Turkey – collage & video
  • Ongekend kant in MIJ, Museum IJsselstein, IJsseltein (NL) – collage & video
  • RIFF | Reykjavík International Film Festival (Finland) – video
  • LE POULAILLER – PAPIER 紙, Wannehain (France) – collage
  • SPRiNG is in the AiR, curator & visual artist (collages and video art), Outsider Art Kelder Amsterdam (NL)
  • WG KUNST Kerstsale, Amsterdam, collage (NL)
  • De morgen wacht nog even (morning lingers on). Collaboration with Patricia van de Camp (photography), Maartje Jaquet (poetry), Kein Angst (music) and Ellen Tolboom (lay out). Galerie Objectief, Enschede (NL) – poetry & live performance
  • The artist and her collection: Marian Bijlenga, Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam (NL)- photography
  • A Campingflight to Lowlands Paradise (NL) – video
  • STILTE, AlleskAn | Kunstlokaal №8 (NL) – video
  • The One Minutes on Tour, Power Station of Art, Shanghai (China) – video
  • SALON/Big Bang: ‘Madonna&Child’, Amstelkerk, Amsterdam (NL)- collages
  • Arti et Amicitiae: salon 2014 – vakantiewerk, Amsterdam (NL) – drawings
  • Liefde (Love), WG Kunst Amsterdam (NL) –  photography and poetry
  • De morgen wacht nog even (morning lingers on). Collaboration with Patricia van de Camp (photography), Maartje Jaquet (poetry), Kein Angst (music) and Ellen Tolboom (lay out). Lievensberg hospital, Bergen op Zoom (NL) – poetry
  • 10x10artist, oil paintings, Amsterdam, Bergen, Zaltbommel (NL)
  • Ode aan de Iep (Ode to the Elm tree), video show and live interview with Paul Arnoldussen, Torpedo Theater, Amsterdam (NL)
  • Unseen behind the façade – oneminutes series *), video works, Amsterdam
  • Snow – oneminutes series *) – video ‘whirling’
  • Erotiek, Porno en Verboden Kunst (Eroticism, Porn and Forbidden Art), Amsterdam Outsider Art, Amsterdam (NL) – photography


  • Snow – oneminutes series *) – video ‘whirling’
  • Short story – oneminutes series *) – video ‘skarre (dabs)’
  • De tweede avons van de poes, photography, video and live interview with Paul Arnoldussen, Torpedo Theater, Amsterdam (NL)
  • METRO MOVIES, pop-up short film festival, metrostation Bullewijk, Amsterdam (NL) – video works
  • 24 RU/NL, Garage Centre for Contemporary Art (, Moscow (Rusland) – video ‘gullivers travels’
  • WORLD INTERIOR EVENT, Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam (NL) – several videos made for the occasion
  • SALON/KANT, Amsterdam (NL) – video: ‘prova d’orchestra’ and ‘consolation’
  • FLOWER CASTLE, Kasteel Keukenhof, Lisse (NL) – photography ‘stadstuin – city garden’
  • Festival of Brown, Montalegre (Portugal) – photography, a selection
  • De wike fan de frije wiken (Friesland) Expositie ‘Fryheid Blidens’, AlleskAn, Kunstlokaal No. 8, Jubbega- Schurega, photography
  • Rhythm – oneminutes series *) – video ‘a horse is a horse’
  • Mix Max Brasil Tropenmuseum Junior, Amsterdam (NL) – installation (photography) ‘stadsbeesten – urban animals’
  • Waiting room series AMC Art Collection, Amsterdam (NL) – video ‘shoe shine’
  • 400 oneminutes behind the façade, Amsterdam (NL) – several pilot videos to inspire makers
  • Springsnow Expo Amsterdam – curator & visual artist: video, photography ‘stadstuin, city garden’
  • Design, poverty fiction, Hornu (Belgium) – video ‘shoe shine’
  • Animal Town, Amsterdam – Installation made made with children from 8 – 10 years old jaar, together with Krista Peters (
  • About Love (Over De Liefde), Amsterdam (NL) – photography and poetry
  • Worlds First Outsider Art Photo Biennale, Amsterdam (NL) – photography
  • &FOAM: Fashion&FOAM, Amsterdam (NL) – video ‘500p’
  • Waiting for – oneminutes series *) – video: ‘nelis’ and ‘en attendant’


  • WG KUNST Kerstsale, Amsterdam (NL) – photography ‘stadsbeesten – urban animals’
  • Videowall Stadsschouwburg Utrecht, Utrecht (NL) – video ‘playground’
  • Minibios IDFA & Kunstvlaai, Amsterdam (NL) – video ‘two girls from zeeland in zandvoort’
  • IDFA, Amsterdam (NL) – video ‘tellen’  (counting)
  • 50/50, Kunstcafé Oosterwolde, Oosterwolde (NL) – video installation ‘make sure’, ‘check check’
  • The New York Amsterdam Pop Up Show, Amsterdam (NL) – mini cinema with 30 of my videos shot in Amsterdam / New York
  • Festival of Brown, Montalegre (Portugal) – video, paintings, photography
  • Videoooooh, London (Olympics), London (UK) – videos ‘perseverance’, ‘want to dance?’, ‘jitterbug’ &  ‘goodbye, feet’ (the last one collaboration with Anna Antonova from Moscow
  • Caleidoscoop, Kunstcafé Oosterwolde, Oosterwolde (NL) – video show with 20 videos
  • Poëzie enzo, Atelier Open, Amsterdam (NL) – photography  and poetry, book
  • Kunst in het Stationsgebied, Utrecht (NL) – video ‘shoe shine’, ‘500p’, ‘eyebrow threading’
  • Springsnow 2012, photograpy en video ‘stadstuin – city garden’
  • Scenes – oneminutes series *) – video ‘shoe shine’, ‘arcadia’
  • Cinema Sundays, Amsterdam (NL) – video ‘zozomerzo’, collaboration with Jaap Blonk (soundtrack)


  • Triennale, Milan (Italy) – photography for World Wildlife Fund (WWF) ‘stadsbeesten – urban animals’
  • Tree oneminutes series, Zagreb (Croatia) – video
  • Public Screens, Stavanger (Norway) – video
  • Make A Forest, Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven (NL) – video
  • WG KUNST Kerstsale, Amsterdam (NL) – photography
  • Bring Your Own Screen, Amsterdam (NL) – video
  • Dog Show, Gallery Atelier Open, Amsterdam (NL), photography, video, drawings, water colors
  • Moon To Catch, Gallery Atelier Open, Amsterdam (NL), photography, video
  • Splitscreen – oneminutes series *) – video
  • Abstract – oneminutes series *) – video
  • Food – oneminutes series *) – video
  • Shadow – oneminutes series *) – video
  • Road movies – oneminutes series *) – video
  • Amsterdam oneminutes, Amsterdam Museum, Amsterdam (NL) – video


  • Spitscreen Art Cinema, IFFR, Rotterdam (NL), curator & video artist
  • Radio Rood, Museum Boijmans van Beuningen Rotterdam, music, poetry, soundtrack
  • World Expo Shanghai (China), video
  • Film Biennale, Eye, Amsterdam (NL) – curator & video artist
  • Art Chive, OT 301, Amsterdam (NL) –  photography, poetry
  • National Historical Museum – pilot ‘golden age oneminutes’ – coordinator, video
  • Film & Food, Alkmaar (NL), video
  • Kunstvlaai Art Pie, Amsterdam (NL), photography, poetry, video
  • Embarrassment Of Riches, Kunstcafé Oosterwolde, Oosterwolde (NL) – photography


  • Lowlands festival, splitscreen art cinema – curator & video artist
  • Art Amsterdam Rai, green oneminutes – video
  • Festival of Brown, Sao Gil (Portugal) – photography
  • Biennale, Venice (Italy) train oneminutes – video
  • Kunsthal Kade Amersfoort, 10 years the oneminutes, Amerfoort (NL) – video
  • Lumineus, Amerfoort (NL) – video
  • City Oneminutes, Paramaribo (Surinam) – curator & video artist


  • Egmonders. Galerie de Kapberg, Egmond aan den Hoef – drawings and paintings

*) The one minutes series is the main activity of  24 selected one minutes can be seen only in unexpected places inside cultural institutions in the Netherlands and beyond.  In the Netherlands: Academisch Medisch Centrum, Amsterdam; Amsterdam Museum, Amsterdam ; Centraal Museum, Utrecht; Cultuurwerf/Buro Beeldende Kunst, Vlissingen; De Fundatie, Zwolle; Groninger Museum; Het Bonnefantenmuseum; het Haarlem College; INGKunsthal KAdE, Amersfoort; Marres – centre for contemporary culture, Maastricht; MOTI Museum, Breda; Museum de Pont, Tilburg; Museum het Valkhof, Nijmegen, Museum Jan Cunen, Oss, Museum van Bommel van Dam, Venlo; Museum voor Moderne Kunst, Arnhem; NIMk, Amsterdam; P.ART, Schunck*, Heerlen; Stadsschouwburg Utrecht; Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam; Stedelijk Museum Schiedam; Stedelijk Museum ‘s Hertogenbosch; TwentseWelle, Enschede. International: Chinese European Art Centre, Xiamen; deBuren, Brussels; East China Normal University, Shanghai; Townhouse gallery, Cairo Fundación la Caixa, Barcelona; Xiamen University, department of Art Design.

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