FLORIALIA my own collage magazine, self published in a small one-time edition is out now! With pages of women from old erotic magazines, hand cut and intertwined with pages from a house plant catalogue of the same period (sixties/seventies). €9,95 per item. For sale at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam or to be ordered through me:  

Put together by Anja Brunt, who invited collage artists from all over the world. With collage pairs by Vivienne Strauss, Sabine Remy, myself and many others. For sale in book stores in The Netherlands, in the Stedelijk Museum shop and through Bis Publishers’ webshop.


  • TWIZA of de kunst van geven en nemen (TWIZA or the art of give and take)
    Drawings, photography and video stills made in Tétouan and its surroundings (Morocco) by Maartje Jaquet. Accompanied by poetry, stories, essays and other text contributions by: Asis Aynan, Shida Boukhizou, , Maria van Daalen, Leo Divendal, Jos van Hest, Chaib Massaoudi, Nisrine Mbarki, Frenk der Nederlanden, Mustafa Stitou and Sandra de Weijze. Made possible through a travel grant from Stichting Gerbrandy Cultuurfonds. Amsterdam 2016.
  • De morgen wacht nog even (morning lingers on)
    Book with CD, 2014. Collaboration with Patricia van de Camp (photography), Maartje Jaquet (poetry), Kein Angst (music) and Ellen Tolboom (lay out).
  • Over de liefde (Matters of the heart). Photography and poetry. Amsterdam 2013.
  • AlleskAn | Jaquet – de Geus. Maartje Jaquet and Josien de Geus in Kunstlokaal №8; satellite program, photo manifestation Noorderlicht 2012.
  • Op straat. Een wandeling door Haarlem in foto’s (Out on the street. A walk through the city of haarkem vaptured in photos) . Collaboration with  Max Linsen. Book made with the photos we made during  Coulisse Vise Versa, Nieuwe Vide, Haarlem 2011. With a foreword by Moritz Ebinger (curator). Blurb book.
  • Stadsbeesten – Urban Animals. Amsterdam, ISBN 978-90-816161-1-9. Made possible with support  by the Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst (Amsterdam Art Fund). Amsterdam 2010
  • Picto ANT2. Dutch speaking course for illiterate adult immigrants. 12 books and a teachers manual. Illustrations and graphic design Maartje Jaquet. Authors: Merel Borgesius, Jenette Brinks, Maartje Jaquet en Jan Nijdam. Amsterdam, Harcourt Test Publishers. Amsterdam 2007.


Schermafbeelding 2016-04-01 om 17.38.47

  • Jos Houweling: VERANDERINGEN / CHANGES, Uitgeverij Voetnoot, Amsterdam 2019 (photo collage collaboration)
  • Doosje tussentijd, (Kortweg 3), Laren 2019 (poetry)
  • Soms gaan letters,  (Kortweg 2),  Laren 2018 (poetry)
  • Kortweg  Forty miniature poems by twenty poets (in Dutch). Plus the philosophers debate ‘Amforisms’, a philosophical conversation between the young and the old philosopher. Eric van Loo & Gerard Beentjes (editors), Laren 2017
  • TRASHURES. The art of useless stuff. Anja Brunt and Tineke Meirink. BIS Publishers, Amsterdam 2016.
  • Art Is Everywhere. How to Really Look At Things. Lorenzo Servi alias SerrGlia. BIS Publishers, Amsterdam 2016.
  • For our Eyes only. Optische illusies (Optical illussions). Paul M. Baars. ‘Uil’ (owl), Page 146. Amsterdam 2013.
  • Mixmaxbrasil. Een wereld om te ontdekken (A world to discover). Annabelle Zegers, Annemiek Spronk, Tropenmuseum junior, Amsterdam. Page  17. Amsterdam 2012
  • Poëzie enzo … Kunst en Poëzie (Poetry and such … Art and poetry) in Atelier Open, Amsterdam. Edited by Edith Brouwer and  Marcel Duijvestijn.  Pages 19, 21, 23 (poetry to linocuts by Canadian artist Shelley Savor), pages 32, 34 (photography, poetry by Martijn Smit), pages 36-47 (cooperation with Jaap Blonk) and pages 48, 50 (photography, with a poem by Frenk der Nederlanden). Blurb books 2012.
  • Hoor de zon. (Listen to the sun) Carolien Euser and Madelinde Hageman. Amsterdam, ISBN 978-94-6190-737-0. Pages 40-41, Urban Animals, photography and poetry . Made possible with support by the Mondriaan Stichting (Mondriaan Organization). Amsterdam 2012.
  • Faces in places. Compiled by Jody Smith.  Page 16, 20, 35, 63, 68, 78, 81, 98, 101, 111, 124, 128, 138, 142, 153 – photography. Ammonite Press, Lewes, East Sussex, BN7 1XU, UK 2011.
  • The Oneminutes Brochure 2009-2012. ‘Aquarium’, poetic essay and video stills, page 14-15. Amsterdam 2009.



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herenkapsalon visser

  • Herenkapsalon L.Visser jubileert (Barbershop L.Visser’s jubilee).  Photography and text. In: Z! Amsterdam magazine for the homeless Nr. 17, p.24-28, january 2014.


dierenstad Z
  • De ‘R’ zit weer in de maand. About Gertie Jaquet’s orange wrapper collection, exhibited in De Wijde Blik, Amsterdam. Text. In: Mister Motley, october 2013.
  • Gebruik je ogen (Use your eyes). In: FLOW, special edition: Simplify your life, p. 109, 2013.
  • Lentesneeuw (Springsnow). Text. In: Z! Amsterdam magazine for the homeless Nr. 10, p.4, may 2013.
  • Dierenstad (Animal town).  Photography and text. In: Z! Amsterdam magazine for the homeless Nr. 7, p.20-21, march 2013.
  • Straaterotiek (Street eroticism). About my photo series Dirty Looks. Photography and text. Together with Heske ten Cate. In: Mister Motley, january 2013.
  • Figaro Pasquale Capone, De barbier van Amsterdam. (The Amsterdam barber).  Photography and text. In: Z! Amsterdam magazine for the homeless Nr. 4, p.4, january 2013.


haan morannes

  • De groene stadtentoonstelling in hartje Amsterdam (Exhibition of The Green City in the heart of Amsterdam). Photography. In: De groene stad, magazine of Plant Publicity Holland, Nr. 2, p.6-7, june 2012
  • De haan van Morannes (The rooster of morannes).  Photography. In: Mister Motley, february 2012.
  • Kaasbord (Cheese sign).  Photography. In: Mister Motley, february 2012
  • Alles (Everything).  Photography. In: Mister Motley, february 2012



  • De Poezenkrant (The cat’s journal). P. 1 & 3. Photography. January 2011.
  • Vers in de etalage. Photography and poetry. In: De Optimist (dutch digital cultural magazine), january 2011.
  • Pimp mijn fiets (Pimp my bike).  Photography. In: Mister Motley, january 2011.
  • Kinderwagenbord (Stroller sign).  Photography. In: Mister Motley, january 2011.
  • Paskamer (Fitting room). Photography. In: Mister Motley, january 2011.



  • Stadbeeld (Cityview). Photography. Stadsbeesten – urban animals. In: Z! Amsterdam magazine for the homeless Nr. 19, p.18-19, october 2010.
  • Passen en meten met passementen (Fit and measure with trimmings). Photography and text.  In: Z! Amsterdam magazine for the homeless Nr. 18, p.10, september 201o.
  • Jullie zijn zo rijk (You guys are so rich).  Photography and text. In: Z! Amsterdam magazine for the homeless Nr. 13, p.26-28, june- july 2010.
  • Stadbeeld (Cityview). Photography. In: Z! Amsterdam magazine for the homeless Nr. 3, p.18-19, february 201o.


stoelen en banken

  • Aurora. Photography. In: Z! Amsterdam magazine for the homeless Nr. 24, p.13-17, december 2009.
  • Stadbeeld (Cityview). Photography. Jantje Beton in Betondorp. Photography and text. In: Z! Amsterdam magazine for the homeless Nr. 18, october 2009.
  • Stadbeeld (Cityview). Photography. Gesluierde stad (Veiled city). Photography and text. In: Z! Amsterdam magazine for the homeless Nr. 20, october 2009.
  • Stadbeeld (Cityview). Photography. Stoelen en banken, een fotoserie van gevonden installaties  van meubels. (Couches and chairs, a photo series of found furniture installations.) In: Z! Amsterdam magazine for the homeless Nr. 8, p.6-9, may 2009.


hair linda

  • Hair. Photography. In: Linda (Dutch glossy), june 2008.


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