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Lege Handen • Ifassen Ixwan • Empty Hands, graphic design, photography and poetry in both Dutch and English by me, translation into Tarifit by Baghdad El Mesbahe, paintings Shelley Savor. Amsterdam 2021

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“The book Iepenstad is a book full of elm seed photos on the sidewalks, steps and in the streets of Amsterdam. It will be released on April 21, 2021 in celebration of the 10th edition of Springsnow. The beautiful photos were taken by Maartje Jaquet and the poems were written by Ronald M. Offerman. The Spring celebration of Springsnow pays tribute to the more than 75,000 elm trees in Amsterdam every year. The celebration is every year from April 21 to May 21. Then the elms scatter their millions of seeds over the city like natural confetti: the spring snow of Amsterdam.”

De stad is de kunst 
Small book, made in honor of  Ronald M. Offerman who passed away due to COVID-19 (May 2020). In 2016 Ronald M. Offerman spontaneously wrote poems to a photo series of mine. De stad is de kunst was published on December 6th 2020, which would have been his birthday. Saskia Hoogendoorn (Tijdmakers, Springsnow in Amsterdam) wrote the introduction.

Ronald and I made another photography / poetry series, especially for the 2017 Amsterdam Springsnow Festival, to be exhibited in the Amstelpark. I am planning on making a second book with those works, to be published at the opening of the Amsterdam Springsnow Festival 2021.

Published photo series
In Het Parool, the Amsterdam based Dutch national newspaper and in Z!, the Amsterdam Street Magazine.

Den Ilp Vierkant Dagboek
Since 2017 I work in my new studio in Den Ilp, about 10 kilometers North of Amsterdam, where I live. It’s quite there and I often go for a walk. I take photos of the beautiful, simple, yet ever changing landscape there, all in the same square format and, even if purely take these purely for my own pleasure, I have sold a few to people who love my way of seeing. So, if you are interested, feel free to contact me.

Stadsbeesten – Urban Animals – An urban zoo, as found in the city. Published in a book, with poems in both Dutch and English. Made possible with support by the Amsterdam Art Fund. Well received in NRC Next, Het Parool. Photos used by Y&R Milan for an international WWF print campaign, which was finalist at the New York Festivals. Exhibitions: Amsterdam Royal Gallery 2009, Selexyz Amsterdam 2010, Le Poulailler, Wannehain, France 2011. Made a special installation in Tropenmuseum Junior  Amsterdam’s MixMaxBrasil, 2012 – 2014

owl owl 

Stadstuin – City Garden – Nature in the urban environment. How do they relate? Interact? Do they even merge? Ongoing project. Exhibitions: Punt WG, Amsterdam 2011, Noorderlicht, satellite program, AlleskAn Kunstlokaal No.8. Jubbega-Schurega 2012; First International Outsider Art Photo Biennale, Amsterdam 2013; Flower Castle, Kasteel Keukenhof, Lisse 2013.

cage cage

Dirty Looks – Erotic shapes or scenes in the urban environment. Featured on ‘Beeldjagers’, a new Online Museum, instigated by MOTI, Museum Of The Image 2015; in Mister Motley 2012 and on Dutch national TV (BNN) 2013. Exhibition: Amsterdam Outsider Art february – march 2014

dirty looks mother earth

Pin Up Pin Down – Jail cell walls of Nieuw Amsterdam Fortress, Surinam. Featured in Mister Motley 2012

pin up pin down pin up


Collaboration with Max Linsen. Photography project on the streets from the inner city of Haarlem to Artspace Nieuwe Vide. Book: Op straat . Een wandeling door Haarlem in foto’s. (Out on the street. A walk through the city of Haarlem captured in photos).

op straat

Collaboration with Jaap Blonk – Six photos by me, answered by six of Jaap Blonk’s poems.

mjjb_6 MJ – jamón jamón | JB – najmaj

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