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My video art is and has been screened in museums, institutions and film festivals  in the Netherlands as well in other countries like: France, England, Italy, Spain, Norway, Belgium, Iceland, Turkey, Egypt, USA, China and Surinam.
As a curator / coordinator I have been responsible for several exhibitions and projects.
I have worked for The One Minutes; for Z!, the Amsterdam Street Paper and for the yearly Springsnow Festival Amsterdam. In the late eighties I played in the Dutch band Astral Bodies; we made video clips and a feature film.
Sometimes I did video collaborations with other artists: video clips for sound artist Jaap Blonk , Moritz Ebinger’s Radio Rood and with Moroccan – Dutch poet Mimoun Essahraoui. Stop motion movies with Judith Koning, for Straatjutter Krista Peters.

About my video art: wander world
Just like my photography, lots of my video art is filmed on the street. During my walks in Amsterdam, but also when I am somewhere abroad, for a job or on vacation. When something is ‘happening’ in front of my eyes, I feel the need to film it. In other words: if sound and movement play an important role, I prefer film to photography. Just like my photography my video work is about showing another reality in reality itself; the surrealism, absurdity, humor, poetry of daily life as I see it. Most of my videos are exactly one minute long. I want to keep things as short and clear as possible, but there often is a strange twist. My solo DVD ‘Wander World’ (released february2014, produced by The One Minutes) gives a good overview. You can read more about it here.


Z! Amsterdam Magazine for the Homeless

Z videos a horse is a horse

From 2010 until 2018, I have been making a one minute video for each issue of Z! Amsterdam Magazine for the Homeless. All videos have been archived on Z!’s youtube channel. From 2018 I started making drawings with small texts about a place somewhere in the city, for the same magazine. I will keep making those videos though 🙂


  • Group exhibitions  in the Netherlands and abroad (Venice Biennale, World Expo Shanghai, Eye film museum Amsterdam, Amsterdam Museum and more). 2007-2011.

one minutes exhibitions intercity

  • One minutes series: a monthly selection of 60-second video art. This is the main activity of the one minutes foundation. The series can only be seen in unexpected places inside cultural institutions: Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam,  Centraal Museum Utrecht, Twentse Welle, de Buren Brussels,  Fundación la Caixa, Barcelona, Chinese European Art Centre, Xiamen and more. From 2011.

oneminute exhibitions shoe shine

  • My solo DVD ‘Wander World’ came out at The One Minutes in february 2014.
    You can read all about it here.

wander world certificate maartje jaquet wander world


400 years behind the façade. Pilot assignment for 400 oneminutes behind the façade. I made a series of examples, to inspire the other makers and to be used at the occasion itself. Films about the qualities of living, working and staying in a canal. A detail, a shadow, a worn staircase, a renovated floor, the real green canal paint in a short visual story about 400 years canal houses in 400 pieces of oneminute film.  Part of the World Interior Events, Amsterdam 2013. It is a program in which the historical, cultural, artistic and economic interests of interior architecture and design are highlighted. Theme: ‘Past, Present and Future of Interiors’.

400 oneminutes behind the façade Keizersgracht 514

Splitscreen Art Cinema

  •  Biennale Amsterdam I curated, coordinated and contributed to a project for the amsterdam film biennale at Eye. The purpose of ‘splitscreen art cinema’ is to re-edit existing movies and create new stories / visual poetry. The participating video artists are completely free, but the movie has to be one minute long and in splitscreen. In this case the artists used old footage from the archives of Eye Institute. Eye Institute Amsterdam 2010.

splitscreen film biennale two girls from zeeland in zandvoort

  • 60 x 1′ movies – IFFR Rotterdam 2010 at Museum Boijmans van Beuningen 2010. A non stop movie show of 60 oneminute splitscreen art videos: reinterpretations of existing (b-) movies. Curated and compiled by me. Made some movies myself too. Other participating artists: Tim Leijendekkers, Lotje van Lieshout, Anja Masling, Bojana Panevska, Judith Leysner, Emile Zile, Nadine Hottenrott, Paula Albuquerque, Zhifei Yang, Su Tomesen, Rogier Roeters, Mei Ya Ya, Kristina Kersa, Bob Houweling, Peter Mertens, Seyit Battal Kurt.

60x1' evil brain from outer space

  • Splitscreen B+, Lowlands Festival 2009. Coordinated by me. Ten video artists (including me) used footage from vintage B-movies  to create a total of fourty splitscreen art oneminute movies. They were shown on big screens throughout the Lowlands Festival. Other video artists : Lotje van Lieshout, Anja Masling, Bojana Panevska, Judith Leysner, Nadine Hottenrott, Paula Albuquerque, Zhifei Yang, Rogier Roeters.

lowlands 2009 savage weekend

Golden Age. I coordinated and took part in a project about Amsterdam in the Golden Age and how this age is still reflected in Amsterdamsociety these days. The videos were screened at the World Expo Shanghai 2010. Other video artists: Eddie D., Doina Kraal, Dario Bardic, Lotje van Lieshout, Su Tomesen, Zhifei Yang, Masja van den Berg, Wypke Walen.

video: national history naughty foot

National Historical Museum. To establish a collaboration with The One Minutes organization and the Dutch National Historical Museum I made several series of one minute movies, twelve movies in total. Three of the series focused on very personal views on history, like the special meaning of a piece of clothing that someone would never throw away, a visit to the street someone used to live as a kid or a childhood memory of a ‘real’ historical event such as a bomb that was dropped on a church in World War Two. The other series consisted of splitscreen remakes of original footage taken from cinema newsreels.
The founding of the museum was cancelled in the process, due to major financial cuts in the cultural field by the Dutch government in the last couple of years. But you can enjoy all videos online.

11186397963_06cf7d24fd_q-1 Janne Buurman: back to Vlissingen


Springsnow festival Amsterdam

video: springsnow springsnow


  • Collaboration with Mimoun Essahraoui.
    This is the most recent one. I am making video clips to poems by this Moroccan – Dutch poet, read by him. He is of Amazigh origin. In his culture the oral tradition is very important. Many people enjoy listening to poetry. My video images give an extra dimension.
     Tabrat i exf inu dayi iweddaren (Letter to myself who left me)
  • Collaboration with Straatjutter Krista Peters.
    The Great Crossing
  • Collaboration with Judith Koning
    Judith Koning and I are recently working together on stop motion movies. So far we made two of them. They will be exhibited in France and in Turkey, october – november 2014.
    the wind cried mary The Wind Cried Mary 
  • Collaboration with Moritz Ebinger for Radio Rood, Museum Boijmans van Beuningen. From 19 December 2009 until 7 February 2010 Swiss artist Moritz Ebinger has been broadcasting live radio from the entrance area of Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen. In the broadcasts Ebinger talked about his fascination with the colour red as a symbol of love, hate, romance, fire, communism and more. He invited all kinds of people to his show: scientists, musicians, artists, doctors, you name it. I contributed in different ways, including live music on stage and poetry read out loud. The video sound poems: composition in red #1, #2 and #3 were made especially for this occasion. You can enjoy everything here.
    4181382608_c7fdebf140_q composition in red #1
  • Collaboration with Jaap Blonk, avant-garde composer and performance artist. We like each others work and on some occasions we have worked together on a project. As you can read on my photography page, he made visual poems to six of my photos. On the other hand I have made video clips to two of his soundtracks: zozomerzo and a little dance away.
    video: with jaap blonk zozomerzo
  • Collaboration with Anna Antonova (Moscow), through the internet. We didn’t know each others work but were excited to get to know each other. Our work as video artist and photographer had much in common, taking a special interest in daily life and strange details that other people may overlook . We both like to be working out on the street a lot, making use of coincidence. Serendipity played a major role in both of our collaborations. The first collaboration resulted in two films about a childhood memory, Birds by Anna Antonova and Skarre  by me. In the second collaboration we each made a video in our own towns (Moscow and Amsterdam), sent it to the other person so that she was allowed to play with it, adding or changing sound and images. The videos travelled back and forth about five times each, until we had decided that each one of them was finished. It was good to experience the feeling of letting go of our personal art work and to let ourselves be surprised by how the changes that were made had affected the work. And then to try and give it another twist again. In the end we were both creators of two different videos: Good Bye, Feet and Mystery Train.
    anna antonova Good Bye, Feet

Moving images – solo project. A special project in which I combined video art with painting. Videos of moving landscape as seen out of the window of a car or a train. Sixteen paintings  (acrylic paint on wooden panel) per film, based on film stills. By putting them together on the wall in series of four by four, I tried to recreate the feeling of movement. Videos and paintings were exhibited together. The videos are for sale on a DVD. Exhibitions: Solo exhibition at Atelier Open Amsterdam, june 2011. Festival do Castanho (Festival of Brown.) International group exhibition in Montalegre, Portugal. Installation ‘tracks’. Especially created for this yearly festival. September 2011.

moving images arboribus

Astral Bodies. From 1987  until 1990 I played bass guitar and sang backing vocals in the dutch band Astral Bodies, together with Maarten Ploeg (lead vocals, guitar), Ryu Tajiri (keyboard, backing vocals), Rogier van der Ploeg (solo guitar), Moniek van de Vall (guitar and backing vocals), and Noel Sies (drums). We made a cd: Astral Beat and several singles with video clips that were featured on MTV. Our live performances were a do-it-yourself multi media show with moving sculptures, slideshows and light shows, video and 8 mm film projections. In 1990 we made a feature film Giant Leap, to which we performed live on stage in theatres throughout the Netherlands.

astral bodies It can happen to you

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