Contributions to newspapers, magazines, …



  • Kattenstadkrant, Amsterdam 2020 (text and drawing)
  • PS Verzameling. Night Trees. Het Parool, November 10th 2020 (photography)
  • PS Verzameling. Dog poo (in plastic bags) on the street. Het Parool. March 17th 2020 (photography)
  • Argus magazine, from 2017 (pen and watercolor drawings)


  • Argus magazine, from 2017 (pen and watercolor drawings)


  • Z! Amsterdam Street Magazine 2018 – 2019 (drawings & short poetic texts)
  • Argus magazine, from 2017 (pen and watercolor drawings)


  • Argus magazine (pen and watercolor drawings)



  • Herenkapsalon L.Visser jubileert (Barbershop L.Visser’s jubilee). In: Z! Amsterdam magazine for the homeless Nr. 17, p.24-28, January 2014. (photography and text)


  • De ‘R’ zit weer in de maand. About Gertie Jaquet’s orange wrapper collection, exhibited in De Wijde Blik, Amsterdam. In: Mister Motley, October 2013. (text)
  • Gebruik je ogen (Use your eyes). In: FLOW, special edition: Simplify your life, p. 109, 2013 (photography and text)
  • Lentesneeuw (Springsnow). In: Z! 10, p.4, may 2013 (text)
  • Dierenstad (Animal town). In: Z! 7, p.20-21, March 2013 (photography and text)
  • Straaterotiek (Street eroticism). About my photo series Dirty Looks. Together with Heske ten Cate. In: Mister Motley, january 2013 (photography and text)
  • Figaro Pasquale Capone, De barbier van Amsterdam. (The Amsterdam barber). In: Z! Amsterdam magazine for the homeless Nr. 4, p.4, January 2013 (photography and text)


  • De groene stadtentoonstelling in hartje Amsterdam (Exhibition of The Green City in the heart of Amsterdam). In: De groene stad, magazine of Plant Publicity Holland, 2, p.6-7, june 2012 (photography)
  • De haan van Morannes (The rooster of Morannes). In: Mister Motley, February 2012 (photography)
  • Kaasbord (Cheese sign). In: Mister Motley, February 2012 (photography)
  • Alles (Everything). In: Mister Motley, February 2012 (photography)




  • Aurora. Photography. In: Z! 24, p.13-17, december 2009 (photography and text)
  • Jantje Beton in Betondorp (Cityview). Jantje Beton in Betondorp. Photography and text. In: Z! 18, october 2009 (photography)
  • Gesluierde stad (Cityview). Gesluierde stad (Veiled city). In: Z! 20, october 2009 (photography)
  • Stoelen en banken, een fotoserie van gevonden installaties  van meubels. (Couches and chairs, a photo series of found furniture installations.) In: Z! 8, p.6-9, may 2009 (photography)