Short texts
Since the beginning of this year (2018) I draw and write
for Z!, Amsterdam magazine for the homeless. Every three weeks, an impression in image and words of a place and time, somewhere in the city of Amsterdam. A variable mixture of prose and (concrete) poetry, depending on the situation.

Most poetry is written to my own photography as well as to other people’s art. *)

My poems are in Dutch but I translate many of them into English.
Some of them can be found on my blog ‘kijkschrijver – eye write‘ and / or in this online album on flickr.


  • Stadsbeesten – Urban Animals.
    Photography and poetry (Dutch and English).
    Maartje Jaquet, Amsterdam, ISBN 978-90-816161-1-9.
    Made possible with support of the Amsterdam Art Fund.stadsbeesten - urban animals
  • Poëzie enzo … Kunst en Poëzie in Atelier Open.
    (Poetry and such … Art and Poetry in Atelier Open).
    Edited by Edith Brouwer and  Marcel Duijvestijn,
    Amsterdam 2012 (Blurb book).
    Pages 19, 21, 23 (poetry to linocuts by Canadian artist Shelley Savor).
    Stubble (linocut by Shelley Savor)

    *) Lately, I started writing poems without a visual reference, from scratch. I haven’t put them online as of yet, only on my personal Facebook page. If you happen to be a friend on Facebook you might have come across one or more of them.