Pakje Kunst Amsterdam – 2

Pakje Kunst Amsterdam – 2
The first series of drawings has been sold out. So: here is new work for Pakje Kunst Amsterdam: ten unique handmade art books with two drawings of animals from the surroundings of my studio in Den Ilp, a quiet village in the wet lands, North of Amsterdam.

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At the moment, the Pakje Kunst Amsterdam art vending machines are located at the Amsterdam Museum and at Skek.

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Nawal Benaissa received political asylum in the Netherlands last week. I made this portrait for her as a present and as an encouragement and went to visit her yesterday, by train, to bring it to her in person. We spent a warm afternoon together (even though the weather was cold). For those who can read Dutch, there is a nice article in last Monday’s national newspaper NRC.

Nawal web.jpg
Pencil, pen and Japanese watercolor (Kuretake Gansai) on 20x30cm canson paper

Zwaluwen – crowdfunding (2)

Zwaluwen – crowdfunding (2)
The crowdfunding for  ‘Zwaluwen’ (Swallows), a documentary by Mohamed Agharmaw is still going on. Tonight Abdeslam Oulad Sedik is present at Amazigh Yennayer 2970 – 2020: Rif United VI organized by Bades Foundation in Rotterdam. With prints of the pen drawings (numbered and signed ) that I made of Mohammed Chacha, Mimoun el Walid, Fadma el Ouariachi and Ahmed Ziani for the cover of the poetry book Vallende tijd, plus two large water color portraits of Mohammed Chacha, that I especially made for this crowdfunding.
Good luck to you all!

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Linocut Slides

Linocut Slides
Spent a great afternoon today with Edith Brouwer. We each made three linocuts for her five-hundred-slides-project, I also made some prints for myself. It was great to play with different colors of ink and types of paper.
Would you also like to participate in this mega-mini-project? Check the website

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Exhibition Slides in Calm Chaos by Edith Brouwer
An installation of 500 linocuts in slide frames

Atelier Open
Jan Voermanstraat 21
1061 XA Amsterdam

Saturday February 29, 16:00 – 18:30
Sunday March 1, 12:00 – 17:00
Thursday, March 5, 19:00 – 21:00
Saturday, March 7, 12:00 – 17:00
Sunday, March 8, 12:00 – 17:00

Tropenmuseum: Plastic Monsters

Tropenmuseum: Plastic Monsters
During the spring break, children aged eight to twelve can come and make plastic monsters, under my guidance, at the Tropenmuseum Amsterdam. These art workshops are related to the newest exhibition Bali, behind the scenes. Children can already register through this link.

“A plastic container, cup, straw … During this workshop, visual artist Maartje Jaquet will be helping you to make your own monster using all kinds of stuff that can be found in the ‘plastic soup’. As an Art Teacher, Maartje gives art lessons to children and adults in all kinds of media, from photography to poetry. With her tips  and tricks you will get to work inside the museum’s studio. The ‘Bali, behind the scenes’ – exhibition also focuses on the plastic waste problem in the world. There you can see the work ‘Rainbow Dragon’ (a plastic monster) by the Balinese artist Made Bayak, as well as all kinds of creations from the Plastic Monster campaign by Greenpeace.”

Monday 17, Wednesday 19, Friday 21 February
Monday 23, Wednesday 25, Friday 27 February.
12:00 – 13:00, 13:15 – 14:15, 14:30 – 15:30

Linnaeusstraat 2
1092 CK Amsterdam


A cow-pecker and other coincidences

A cow-pecker and other coincidences
It was a special morning today. Around ten o’clock I picked up my work from the Arti Winter Salon, my pen and watercolor portrait of traffic controller Paul Plak. Mirjam Taverdin (who works there) and I had a nice conversation about our mothers, grandmothers, mothers-in-law and stepmothers (2019 was a mother year, we decided). We talked about grabbing the bull by the balls and catching the cow by the horns.
I drew a cow like the ones we have in Den Ilp, next to the woodpecker at number eight, in the swan-stick-to-cadavre-exquis-goep artwork of Henk Fakkeldij. Now what’s that woodpecker doing there?
Mirjam thought that the number on the earring, 2992, had to mean something. “Were you 29 years old in ’92?” It was correct!
I had a nice and quiet walk through the new exhibition “Open Call” and was able to view everything in peace.
On my way back home I came across Paul Plak, the traffic controller of the portrait! He wanted to see it and thought it was beautiful. His colleagues also came to have a look. Paul wanted to be photographed with his portrait. See my previous post!

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Paul Plak posing with his portrait.

Paul Plak posing with his portrait.

This morning I picked up the work that had been part of the Arti Winter Salon, the pen and water color portrait of Paul Plak, traffic manager.

Guess who I bumped into on my way home?

He loved to have his photo taken!




Zwaluwen – crowdfunding

Zwaluwen – crowdfunding

‘Zwaluwen’ (Swallows), a documentary about the origin of the Amazigh movement in the Netherlands,  is almost ready for viewing, but money is still needed for the final finish. Could you help? If you like you can receive a professional, numbered and signed print, size 21×29.7cm,  of the four pen drawings that I used as a basis for the cover of Vallende tijd (Berberbibliotheek), a book with Riffian poetry by Mohammed Chacha, Mimoun el Walid, Fadma el Ouariachi and Ahmed Ziani, translated into Dutch.

You can also compete for a unique, larger color version of the portrait of Mohammed Chacha, 30×40 cm. I am going to work on this painting the upcoming week.

Look here to support ‘Zwaluwen’:

Pakje Kunst in Amsterdam Museum

Pakje Kunst in Amsterdam Museum

As of today the Pakje Kunst *) repurposed cigarette vending machine with original art pieces made by Amsterdam artists has found its place in the Amsterdam Museum. With art by Edith Brouwer, Greet Weitenberg, Diana Ozon, and more. And … with original pen and watercolor drawings made by me! So, if you happen to be in Amsterdam, for only €4 you can buy original art presents for you family, friends or yourself!


*) Art Pack


New Letterhead

New Letterhead

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A new year, a new design for my letters and invoices. The letterhead contains two pictures that are playfully mirrored and stand for my work as a visual artist (drawing and painting) and as an art teacher.