A drawing for Theo

A drawing for Theo

Theo Bouwman (publisher of the Dutch magazine Argus) is having a drink with Argus (the cartoon character after whom the magazine was named) at the bar of Café Scheltema.

It was an honor and fun to make this drawing, a present from his colleagues for his 75th birthday, especially as I am working for this magazine from the very beginning, almost two years ago now, making drawings of all kinds of people, mostly in Amsterdam but sometimes from other places, for the back page of each issue.
You can see these drawings here (issue 1 – 31) and
here (a new series, from issue 32).

Poëzie aan de Brink – Kortweg 3

Poëzie aan de Brink – Kortweg 3
It’s poetry week in The Netherlands, with, in the village of Laren, poetry festival Poëzie aan de Brink. The poetry bundle ‘doosje tussentijd’ (little box of meantime) came out, the third poetry book in the series ‘Kortweg’ (In short), edited and put together by Jos van Hest and Gerard Beentjes.

This time poets worked on the theme ‘identity’ or ‘who is I’. I wrote with (my mothers) dementia in mind. Amongst the other contributors: Tsead Bruinja, Nafiss Nia, Willem van Toorn, Ineke Holzhaus, Victor Vroomkoning, Minke Maat, Mare Groen and Ali Serik.
On Saturday evening, February 2nd, during the Marathon of the Short Poem, poets recited their poems, among them also my friend Mimoun Essahraoui, who recited his two poems* in the original version Tamazight, after which I read the Dutch versions (translated by me).
It was such a warm evening, with beautiful music by Babak-O-Doestan, (Persian for Babak and friends) and poetry by people of all ages (children too) and backgrounds.
The bundle ‘Kortweg 3’ can be ordered for € 5 through poet and organizer Gerard Beentjes.


voor mijn moeder – for my mother


wie ben je als je
laag voor laag
je maskers kwijtraakt
word je wie
je altijd was



who are you when
layer by layer
you loose your masks
will you be
the one you had


ik graaf
mijn hoofd

waar het
waar is



I’m digging
my mind

where it
where is


Photos and poems © Maartje Jaquet
Note: the photos are not included in the book.

*Essahraoui‘s poems are also featured in his recently published bilingual (Tamazight – Dutch) bundle, and can be ordered through email for €10, postage not included.


** The Dutch word ‘waar’ has different meanings, for which in English there are different words, in this case ‘where’ and ‘true’. Impossible to translate. I chose for the visual solution, thinking that the feeling of insecurity and confusion still comes through.


Dansend – Dancing

Dansend – Dancing

door de laatste
elegante twijgjes
broze blaadjes
losjes vast.


through the last
copper golden
winter cold
elegant twigs
hold on
loosely to their
brittle leaves.


In Memoriam Mada Jaquet – Rol
Alkmaar, 13 februari 1945 – Alkmaar, 22 januari 2019

© Maartje Jaquet 2019

Website Jan van der Ploeg

Website Jan van der Ploeg
My father in law, emeritus professor of orthopedagogics, just had a new book published.
Born in 1927, he never stops working.
It’s an honor to me to have designed and built his website www.jandirkvanderploeg.nl and still update it a couple of times a year!

Vallende tijd: the book

Vallende tijd: the book
Vallende tijd in handen.JPG
Feels good to hold it in my hands, Vallende tijd *, the tenth and final edition of the Berberbibliotheek **. With a selection of the most beautiful poems by Mohammed Chacha, Mimoun el Walid, Fadma el Ouariachi and Ahmed Ziani. Translated into Dutch. Drawings and design of the front made by me.
To be ordered from the Jurgen Maas publishing house:
ISBN 978 94 91921 57 5 | NUR 306
Falling time
** Berber Library

New Year’s Wishes

New Year’s Wishes

Wishing y’all a new year filled with JOY OF LIFE! • Ich wünsche allen ein neues Jahr voller LEBENSFREUDE • Une nouvelle année remplie de JOIE DE VIVRE à tous • Iedereen een nieuw jaar vol LEVENSVREUGDE gewenst!

Lebensfreude kaart.jpg

Z! 2018

Z! 2018
This year, in which I have been working on a new section in Z!, the Amsterdam Street Paper, with drawings with a short text about a place in Amsterdam is almost finished.
z! 1
Z! 2018, #1

I really liked it and I am happy to be able to continue this work. The last issue of 2018 is still for sale at the vendors. The new one, number 1 of 2019, is already at the printer’s.

Z! 2018, #18

All sellers, employees, buyers, readers and of course the people who appear in my drawings and texts, whether or not anonymously: a beautiful evening and a good new year to you all!
If you like, you can view and read all drawings and texts from the past year here.

Three Lace Ladies

Three Lace Ladies

A friend of us came to our house. She bought three collages of my ‘Lace Ladies’ series, for her new apartment in Brussels. ‘Portrait de Femme 1 & 2 (the cactus ones) and ‘Couronne’ (the one with the red background). Very happy they found a home!



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A Portrait for Warda El Ajjouri

A Portrait for Warda El Ajjouri

Yesterday December 22nd, it was a beautiful and successful evening.
SOR had organized a benefit concert for the families of political prisoners from the Rif (Northern) region in Morocco. These families have to travel hundreds of miles to see their loved ones in the prisons, not to mention that the missing breadwinners in already hard living conditions in this part of the country. It was an honor for me to make the portrait of the volunteer of the year 2018 elected by Stichting Ontwikkeling Rif, Warda El Ajjouri.

Arti Salon 2018: New Work

Arti Salon 2018: New Work

Opening: Friday 21 December 19:00
21:00 grand Salon party in the club with DJ Stuka
The Salon can be seen until January 22, 2019

Artist members of Arti show a recent work: indulge yourself in the versatility and individuality of the works: paintings, sculptures, video, installation, photography, graphic art, and more. The Salon shows a wide range of contemporary art and thus offers a fantastic overview of the artists Arti is rich in. The Salon is a sales exhibition and can also be visited in the evenings. From Tuesday until Friday the exhibition desk is staffed by artists.

My contribution is a big art print of a new series of collages I have recently started working on, called Lebensfreude.

Lebensfreude, C-print of scanned collage, 70x100cm, mounted on dibond.

Opening times:
Tuesday – Friday 12:00 – 21:00
Saterday & Sunday 12:00 – 18:00
The entrance fee is € 3,-
You are also welcome in the club for lunch and / or drinks, Monday – Friday, 12:00 – 17:00

Closed on:
December 24 – 26
December 31
January 1st