Brasa Mi Ori

Brasa Mi Ori
From the end of October (2019) until January 17th (2020) the Society of Arti et Amicitiae is all about visual art in relation to Suriname. The art collections of Arti members Carl Haarnack and Myra Winter show the richness and diversity of modern visual art by Surinamese artists and artists with a strong affinity with Suriname. Curator: Harald Schole, in collaboration with Myra Winter.

Rinaldo Klas on the porch of Nola *)

Last month, during my artist residency in Suriname, I made ‘Rinaldo Klas on the porch of Nola’ (pen and watercolor on 30x40cm watercolor paper). Rinaldo Klas and I presented a duo-show in Readytex Art Gallery. ‘Rinaldo Klas on the porch of Nola’ is now part of Myra Winter’s art collection and is on show at Brasa mi ori.

With art by: Carlos Blaaker, Diana Blok, Kenneth Beeker, Mireille Buldeo Rai, Isan Corinde, Frank Creton, Steven Dahlberg, Ken Doorson, Robbert Enfield, Kenneth Flijders, Anita Hartmann, Soeki Irodikromo, Sri Irodikromo, Maartje Jaquet, Remy Jungerman, Glenn Kallasingh, Rinaldo Klas, Renée Koldewijn, Hans Lie, Egbert Lieveld, Guillaume Lo- A- Njoe, Kurt Nahar, Marcel Pinas, Greg Plein, Ravi Rajcoomar, George Struikelblok, Jan Quintus Telting, Iléne Themen, Purcy Tjin, Rene Tosari, Wilgo Vijfhoven, Erwin de Vries, Leo Wong Loi Sing, Michael Wong Loi Sing, Sirano Zalman.

*) Nola Hatterman Art Academy

International Nomination For ‘New York Shoe Shine’

International Nomination For ‘New York Shoe Shine’

My video New York Shoe Shine (NY, NY 2010) has been nominated for The One Minutes International Competition 2019 in Shanghai (CN). The ceremony takes place on November 11 at the Crown Plaza Hotel and is recorded and later broadcast by Dragon TV from Shanghai Media Group.


My Artist Residency in Paramaribo

My Artist Residency in Paramaribo
If you are interested to take a look at what I did during my recent stay in Paramaribo, Suriname, the portraits, the collaboration with Rinaldo Klas, being on national TV, the radio and in the newspaper, putting together our exhibition and the official opening, you are most welcome to have a look at the images in this album:Schermafbeelding 2019-10-12 om 16.59.03

Gran Tangi
I would like to thank everybody who made this Artist Residency possible and who was part of this adventure in all kinds of ways: Rinaldo Klas and his wife Carmen, the Readytex Art Gallery – team, Nola Hatterman Art Academy, the people in the portraits, at the Waterkant and at the Vreedzaam Markt (thank you market master for the permission paper!), the people at Hotel Centre who made me feel at home, Gijs Stork and Jan Willem Kaldenbach for sharing part of our trips, CBK Zuid Oost for the residency two years ago that leaded tot this. And last but not least my husband Rogier van der Ploeg and our sons Jim and Oscar, my family and my friends for standing by me.

FIRE and the making-of

FIRE and the making-of
Rinaldo Klas and I collaborated on a painting , especially to present it at our Duo-exhibition Bezielde Lijnen – Soulful Lines. We worked on it in the back of the Nola Hatterman Art Academy in Paramaribo, each with a brush in our hand, using acrylic paint on canvas. It’s about the fires in the Amazons as well as in other parts of the world and how nature is suffering from it.

FIRE, Rinaldo Klas and Maartje Jaquet (2019), acrylic paint on canvas, 145x125cm

FIRE, Rinaldo Klas and Maartje Jaquet (2019), acrylic paint on canvas, 145x125cm

The whole work was conceived in the most natural way, we hardly needed words to understand where we wanted it to go. When one looks at the final work it is impossible to distinguish which liana, leaf or flame was painted by whom.

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Bezielde Lijnen – Soulful Lines

Bezielde Lijnen – Soulful Lines
From september 17th I was in Suriname as an Artist in Residence to work on Bezielde lijnen (Soulful Lines), duo exhibition of visual artists Rinaldo Klas and Maartje JaquetThe exhibition is open from October 04 until November 02, 2019. Opening hours: Monday thru Friday, 08:00-16:30 hrs and on Saturday, 08:30-13:30 hrs at Readytex Art Gallery (RAG) (also on Facebook), Steenbakkerijstraat 30, Paramaribo, Suriname.


Readytex Art Gallery (RAG) opens a special new duo exhibition on October 3rd. Bezielde lijnen shows the surprising results of the synergy between two artists who have been connected as friends and colleagues for ten years now: Rinaldo Klas in Suriname and Maartje Jaquet from Amsterdam.

When Maartje Jaquet entered the gardens of the Nola Hatterman Art Academy during her first time in Suriname ten years ago, in order to make a film about leafcutter ants – which she had never seen before – she was approached by the academy’s director Rinaldo Klas. He wanted to know who the unannounced visitor was, and what she was doing there. This encounter led to a lasting connection between the two artists and they have since kept each other informed about the developments their careers and their personal lives. They found common ground in their work through their use of lines. Both artists use simple lines to try to capture the deeper essence of that which they record. For Rinaldo that is the soul of nature and for Maartje the soul of the people that she portrays. They also share their commitment to nature and the environment and made, especially for this exhibition, a joint art work in which this is the central theme.

In the past Maartje Jaquet often worked with film and photography. During her stay in Suriname in 2009 for example, she made so-called One Minute videos of her impressions. In recent years she has been focusing more on drawing and painting people with pen, pencil and watercolor. She enjoys making quick sketches of people in public spaces, such as at the market, the library or in stores, with the common thread being the diversity and at the same time the unity of the people. She subsequently completes the sketches with watercolors. In this exhibition she shows a number of portraits that she made during a residency at the Centrum voor Beeldende Kunst in Amsterdam Zuidoost, in 2017. Especially for Bezielde lijnen Maartje also made a number of portraits of people in Paramaribo, most of them at the Waterkant.

Rinaldo Klas is a well-known Surinamese visual artist. Since the nineties, the main theme of his work is the great effect that human intervention has on the environment. For Bezielde Lijnen he created figurative monoprints and acrylic paintings. The common ground between him and Maartje, the use of lines in their work, is clearly visible in the dynamics of the lines in the monoprints of people. In his colorful acrylic paintings Rinaldo expresses his involvement with people and the environment.


Prints on demand – drawings from Japan

Prints on demand – drawings from Japan
The drawings that I made during my journey in Japan are now available as a limited edition print of 25, on beautiful Hahnemühle paper, 20x30cm, numbered and signed (without frame).

01 Jonge vrouw met (prachtige) geruite jurk, metro Osaka

01 Young woman in checkered dress, Osaka subway

Until now ten of my drawings are ready to order, see above and below. If you are curious about all drawings, please have a look at this online album, I can make any one of them available for you. Prices are: €29 for each print, that excludes shipping costs. (€6 inside the Netherlands). Send me an e-mail at if you are interested.

Finissage ZomerSalon Royaal

Finissage ZomerSalon Royaal
Yesterday was the last day of  ZomerSalon Royaal at CBK Zuidoost, Amsterdam. This was the first edition of this new kind of summer group exhibition, with contributions by both professional artists and amateurs. It was a beautiful exhibition and honestly I couldn’t really tell if a work was made by an ‘amateur’ or by a ‘professional’. Well done! This year’s theme was ‘The Bijlmer’ (another name for the ‘south east part of Amsterdam where CBK Zuidoost is situated).


Five participants won a special prize, their works will be printed and exhibited in public space in Amsterdam Zuidoost.

Congratulations to Gerda Dapper, Jente Jelles, Daniëlle Kanis, Lawil Karama and Carla de Rooij!

Next year there will be a second ZomerSalon Royaal, with a new theme: ‘Youth”.
Again, everybody can apply for this exhibition!

My contribution for this year:
Woman with shopping cart, © Maartje Jaquet 2017
Pencil and watercolor on 50x65cm paper, in wooden frame.

FLORILIA at the Stedelijk Museum Shop

FLORILIA at the Stedelijk Museum Shop

68573021_10214429591075411_1242729034543005696_n 69318352_10214429591155413_6220464300880822272_n

Brought a new pile of my collage magazine FLORIALIA to the museum shop of Stedelijk:
the Amsterdam museum of modern art.



Today (Wednesday 14 August) I will be present at the Arti et Amicitiae summer exhibition from 12:00 to 17:00: ART ‘N SOCIETY // ZOMERSALON, downstairs in the restaurant / café, Rokin 112, Amsterdam. There many diverse works to be admired, admission is free and they have delicious coffee and more! All works are for sale and can be taken with you immediately after purchase. The exhibition runs until September 3rd.

Maybe I’ll see you there today!

Op de markt. Anton de Komplein, Amsterdam Maartje Jaquet 2017..

My contribution: “On the market, Anton de Komplein, Amsterdam.”
Pen and watercolor, 30×40 cm, in wooden frame.


Sketchbook Japan

Sketchbook Japan
During the last two weeks of July I traveled through Japan, bringing a sketchbook, my pen and my watercolors with me. After a few days, in Nara, I bought a small box of Japanese watercolors (kuretake gansai tambi). In the beginning I struggled with the boldness of this paint, but after a while I enjoyed experimenting and playing with these colors more and more and filled my sketchbook with them up until the last page. If you want to have a look at all fifty drawings, you can go to this online album. And here’s a selection of ten pages:

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