FLORIALIA at Stedelijk Museum Shop

FLORIALIA at Stedelijk Museum Shop
Happy and proud to announce that, as of this week, my collage art magazine FLORIALIA is also for sale in the Stedelijk Museum Shop, located in the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, the Amsterdam Museum of Modern Art.

Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
Museumplein 10
1071 DJ Amsterdam
Selling price: € 9,95

Other places where you can buy FLORIALIA are:
Athenaeum Boekhandel & Nieuwscentrum
Spui 14-16
1012 XA Amsterdam

My newly opened webshop.



Today I started a small webshop with changing offers every month.
You can now order two things: the magazine FLORIALIA and a C-print, numbered and signed and with a poem on the back of the photo ‘BOVEN DE HEMEL – ABOVE THE SKY’. Check it out! New items and updates will follow, so keep coming back to the shop once in a while to see if there’s anything you’d like to order.


The Big Draw in De Baarsjes 2018

The Big Draw in De Baarsjes 2018

It’s the fourth year that this festival takes place, this time during a whole weekend and inside the beautifully renovated MidWest, on Saturday November 17th and Sunday November 18th, from 11:00 until 18:00. The theme is ‘A Local Portrait Gallery’ (with a nod to The National Portrait Gallery in London). It is going to be a weekend with various workshops for local residents and visitors of the Baarsjes of all ages. In addition, artists from (around) the neighborhood draw portraits of visitors. All portraits are immediately exhibited on location. Admission and participation are free! Each artist will be drawing portraits for two hours, I feel honored and happy to be one of the artists, and looking forward to be making portraits of people from the neighborhood.

Maartje Jaquet is a visual artist. She works in various media (video, collage, photography, texts). She usually makes her drawings of people with her black pen, directly on paper, after that often using water colors. Her main subject is: People of Amsterdam. On the street, in public space. With a minimum of lines and colors she shows the emotion of a person, the atmosphere at that time and in that place. She shows the humanity of every individual. No matter how we look, what we believe in, how old we are, who we fall in love with: we are all human beings. No more and no less.

Maartje has worked as an Artist in Residence for a few times: once in Morocco (Green Olive Arts, Tétouan, 2016) and twice in Amsterdam (CBK Zuidoost’s Bijlmair and De KunstKamer in Nieuw West, both in 2017).
She makes drawings for two magazines: Argus and Z! (the Amsterdam Magazine for the Homeless).

A retirement present for my GP

A retirement present for my GP
Yesterday my dear general practitioner Paul Roodenburg had organized a farewell drink for all hs patients, because of his retirement. He started his practice when I started studying Dutch in 1981, at the University of Amsterdam.
He still remembered my first visit to him when I told him about it yesterday.
That kind of doctor.
This was my gift to him.
Does not require any further explanation.
From the collage series The Anatomy Lesson.

The Anatomy Lesson #7 (2014)

kM magazine: collage

kM magazine: collage
The newest kM, a full color professional magazine about artist materials, is all about collages. With articles about four visual artists. The opening article, written by Harald Schole, is about my collages. I feel very honored! KM appears every three months. One can buy it in professional art supply stores in The Netherlands or take a subscription.

Note: The image on the bottom left, of the woman with elm seeds running from her eyes is a film still from the stop motion movie The Wind Cried Mary that was a collaboration with Judith Koning.

Green Olive Arts 2013 -2018

Green Olive Arts 2013 -2018
Congratulatons Green Olive Arts (Tétouan, Morocco) on your five year anniversary. Thank you so much, for hosting me back in 2016, it was a life changing experience to work on my drawings of people in the streets, in Tétouan as well as in Chaouen. And thank you for including my work in your retrospective exhibition featuring art from past artists in residence*).

Man selling his chicken in the street, pen and watercolor, Maartje Jaquet Tétouan, Morocco, 2016

*) Participating artists: Juliana Coles (USA), Idris Hassan (USA ), Johann Nortje (New Zealand), Kian Blethyn (Australia), Daide Hajar (Morocco), Dale Roberts (USA), Alinah Akbar Malik (Pakistan), Nancy Walter (Canada), Nidaa Aboulhosn (Lebanon/USA), Eman Salah (Egypt), Sara Inacio (Brazil/USA), Ishiwata Norio (Japan), Chifumi Ishiwata (Japan), Zhihao Guo (China), Elizabeth Hardy (USA), Maartje Jaquet (Netherlands), Jeffrey Olson (USA), Kevin Todd (Ireland), Diane Arenberg (USA), Heather Danso (USA), Mohamed Haïti (Morocco)

‘Porta’ found a home

‘Porta’ found a home

 Porta (2014)

This month it was on show at Jubel, in gallery Kunstlokaal No.8, where it was sold to Dutch artist Olga van der Vorst. ‘Porta’ now found a home in a beautiful corner of her house, right above the clivia. The photo is by Olga van der Vorst.

‘Porta’ is part of the Madonna&Child collage series (2014). The whole series has been exhibited in the Amstel Church, Amsterdam SALON/BIGBANG. and in Museum Wierdenland. Porta itself was featured in the magazine Platform Platvorm and in the accompanying exhibition SHOW WHAT YOU WANT SHOW, together with a few other collages of the Madonna&Child series.




Shanghai – Sinan Video Salon: Biased Gods

Shanghai – Sinan Video Salon: Biased Gods

ShanghART Gallery 香格纳画廊 has become a partner of Sinan Video Salon. Sinan Video Salon is a new monthly One Minutes screening In Shanghai, creating a dialogue between European and Chinese contemporary arts.
On July 20th, the second Sinan Video Salon took place, featuring Biased Gods., curated by Janna Ullrich.Participating artists: Arthur Röing Baer, Amelie Befeldt, Clément Carat, Frederik Gruyaert, Maartje Jaquet and Judith Koning, Sjaan Klijnee, Laresa Kosloff, Sascha Krischock, Rollin Leonard, Matthew Lessner, Jozef Mrva, Mikkel Niemann, Alejandra Morote Peralta, Mary Ponomareva, Puppies Puppies, Michael Robinson, Agnieszka Zimolag.Above is the video that was selected by Janna Uhlrich, It was made by Judith Koning and me (2014) and is called ‘Vlinderslag’ (Butterfly Stroke).



Jubel was a success

Jubel was a success


with a very nice opening, reviews in the press, the above one featuring my collage ‘Porta’, many visitors and sold works (including mine).

Thank you Marcel Prins and Birgit Speulman!







Jubel Jubilee in Jubbega

Jubel Jubilee in Jubbega
A festive group exhibition at Kunstlokaal №8, in Jubbega (NL).

Reasons to celebrate:
  • 100 years ago was the foundation School №8 (later J.B. Kanschool)
  • Artists and gallery owners Marcel Prins and Birgit Speulman are living here for 10 years
  • and for the past 7.5 years have been hosting many exhibitions in their gallery Kunstlokaal №8 
  • 61 artists who previously have exhibited here will be participating in this show 

My contribution: ‘Porta’
From the Madonna&Child collage series (2014)

Opening August 4, 2018
12:00 door open
15:00 official opening with a presentation by writer Hans Muiderman.

Open August 4th -19th
Wednesday – Sunday, 12:00 – 18:00 and by appointment

Kunstlokaal №8
phone: +31(0)516463141
email: kunstlokaalno8@alles-kan.info

Schoterlandseweg 55
8411XX Jubbega-Schurega
The Netherlands