Prints on demand – drawings from Japan

Prints on demand – drawings from Japan
The drawings that I made during my journey in Japan are now available as a limited edition print of 25, on beautiful Hahnemühle paper, 20x30cm, numbered and signed (without frame).

01 Jonge vrouw met (prachtige) geruite jurk, metro Osaka

01 Young woman in checkered dress, Osaka subway

Until now ten of my drawings are ready to order, see above and below. If you are curious about all drawings, please have a look at this online album, I can make any one of them available for you. Prices are: €29 for each print, that excludes shipping costs. (€6 inside the Netherlands). Send me an e-mail at if you are interested.

Finissage ZomerSalon Royaal

Finissage ZomerSalon Royaal
Yesterday was the last day of  ZomerSalon Royaal at CBK Zuidoost, Amsterdam. This was the first edition of this new kind of summer group exhibition, with contributions by both professional artists and amateurs. It was a beautiful exhibition and honestly I couldn’t really tell if a work was made by an ‘amateur’ or by a ‘professional’. Well done! This year’s theme was ‘The Bijlmer’ (another name for the ‘south east part of Amsterdam where CBK Zuidoost is situated).


Five participants won a special prize, their works will be printed and exhibited in public space in Amsterdam Zuidoost.

Congratulations to Gerda Dapper, Jente Jelles, Daniëlle Kanis, Lawil Karama and Carla de Rooij!

Next year there will be a second ZomerSalon Royaal, with a new theme: ‘Youth”.
Again, everybody can apply for this exhibition!

My contribution for this year:
Woman with shopping cart, © Maartje Jaquet 2017
Pencil and watercolor on 50x65cm paper, in wooden frame.

FLORILIA at the Stedelijk Museum Shop

FLORILIA at the Stedelijk Museum Shop

68573021_10214429591075411_1242729034543005696_n 69318352_10214429591155413_6220464300880822272_n

Brought a new pile of my collage magazine FLORIALIA to the museum shop of Stedelijk:
the Amsterdam museum of modern art.



Today (Wednesday 14 August) I will be present at the Arti et Amicitiae summer exhibition from 12:00 to 17:00: ART ‘N SOCIETY // ZOMERSALON, downstairs in the restaurant / café, Rokin 112, Amsterdam. There many diverse works to be admired, admission is free and they have delicious coffee and more! All works are for sale and can be taken with you immediately after purchase. The exhibition runs until September 3rd.

Maybe I’ll see you there today!

Op de markt. Anton de Komplein, Amsterdam Maartje Jaquet 2017..

My contribution: “On the market, Anton de Komplein, Amsterdam.”
Pen and watercolor, 30×40 cm, in wooden frame.


Sketchbook Japan

Sketchbook Japan
During the last two weeks of July I traveled through Japan, bringing a sketchbook, my pen and my watercolors with me. After a few days, in Nara, I bought a small box of Japanese watercolors (kuretake gansai tambi). In the beginning I struggled with the boldness of this paint, but after a while I enjoyed experimenting and playing with these colors more and more and filled my sketchbook with them up until the last page. If you want to have a look at all fifty drawings, you can go to this online album. And here’s a selection of ten pages:

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In June 2019 my quote, KUNST IS DE UITDRUKKING VAN MENSELIJKHEID, was featured on Harald Schole en Edith Rijnja’s Window Art Project at the Weesperzijde, Amsterdam.

Quotes on art
Weesperzijde 20-O
1091EB Amsterdam

Finissage ZOMER, Kunstlokaal No.8

Finissage ZOMER, Kunstlokaal No8
Tomorrow, Sunday August 11th will be your last chance to go and see this year’s SUMMER exhibition at Kunstlokaal NO.8. The other two summer exhibitions (see my previous post) will last a bit longer.

You can get an overview of the exhibition and the works of all the participating artists on the website, but it’s always much nicer to go and see the real thing(s). When you are in the neighborhood be sure to goo and have a look! All works are for sale. The gallery will be open from 12 – 6 PM.

Kunstlokaal No8,
Schoterlandseweg 55
8411 XX Jubbega
+31(0)516 463141

Woman in turquoise coat, Maartje Jaquet 2017

Three Summer Exhibitions

Three Summer Exhibitions
I have been invited to participate in three summer exhibitions, each with a different theme: The Bijlmer / Amsterdam Zuidoost (Southeast) (CBK Zuidoost, Amsterdam), Art and Society (Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam), and Summer (Kunstlokaal No 8, Jubbega, Friesland).
The selected works were made during my artist residency at CBK Zuidoost (2017). Technique: pencil and watercolor on paper. Same theme, same technique, same place, same time. An ode to women in Amsterdam Zuidoost.

Woman with shopping cart

Salon Royaal, CBK Zuidoost
Anton de Komplein 102
1102 DR Amsterdam
July 4th – August 17th

On the market

Art ‘n Society, Arti et Amicitiae

Rokin 112 Amsterdam
July 15th – September 3rd

Woman in turquoise coat

ZOMER, Kunstlokaal No8

Schoterlandseweg 55
8411 XX Jubbega
July 27th – August 11th

Mothers from the Rif

Mothers from the Rif

It started with the portrait of Nasser Zefzafi’s mother, and a portrait I made for my dear friend and fellow artist, the poet Mimoun Essharaoui of his yemma.

 Yemmas n Mimoun

After that, two more commissions came in.

 Yemmas n Boujamaa

Grateful to have the opportunity to portray and honor these beautiful, dear and brave women from North Morocco. Hope to be able to continue working on this series!

 Yemmas n Driss

Yemmas n Zefzafi

Yemmas n Zefzafi

A portrait to honour Nasser Zefzafi‘s mother. Made for the beneficial cultural iftar, Saturday 25th, in Amsterdam. It was part of  and sold at the auction that was held during that evening. All profits go to the financial support of the families of political prisoners from the Hirak movement in the Rif, a region in Northern Morocco.

Yemmas n Zefzafi
Yemmas n Zefzafi, pencil and watercolor on 30x40cm paper.

FullSizeRender-1 FullSizeRender-3
Before the auction (on display) and afterwards (a happy new owner).