The One Minutes Series February 2014: Maartje Jaquet Wander World

wander world certificate
The february 2014 edition of the one minutes series is dedicated to my video work and is called maartje jaquet wander world

Jos Houweling wrote the introductary text:
“Maartje Jaquet travels, wanders, sees, sees and finds little treasures,
The ordinary becomes exceptional and the exceptional becomes almost ordinary.
Video art about seeing.
Without unnecessary ornaments.
Tributes to the eye.”

The One Minutes is a global platform for moving images with an exact duration of 60 seconds (one minutes) and has produced and distributed over 10.000 video works from makers of 120 different nationalities. The One Minutes offers a platform for international exposure via screenings and exhibitions. An important activity is producing the one minutes series, a monthly video art magazine with a selection of 24 one minutes, which is curated by the team and by guest curators. Thirty museums and cultural spaces around the world are subscribers, and show it within their organizations. The Netherlands: Academisch Medisch Centrum / Amsterdam Museum / Centraal Museum, Utrecht / Cultuurwerf, Vlissingen / De Hallen, Haarlem/ De Fundatie, Zwolle / Drents Museum Assen / Filmhuis Den Haag / Het Bonnefantenmuseum / het Haarlem College / ING / Kunsthal KAdE, Amersfoort / Marres – centre for contemporary culture, Maastricht / MOTI, Breda / Museum de Pont, Tilburg / Museum Jan Cunen, Oss / Museum van Bommel van Dam, Venlo / Museum voor Moderne Kunst, Arnhem / Li-ma, Amsterdam / Schunck*, Heerlen / Stadsschouwburg Utrecht / Stedelijk Museum ‘s Hertogenbosch / TwentseWelle, Enschede International: deBuren, Brussel / East China Normal University, Shanghai

Thank you Jos Houweling for recognizing my video art from the very beginning and for writing this great introductory text, Nienke Richard for helping with the translation, Ineke Bakker for making this selection together with me, Marcel Prins for providing me with just the right title, The Oneminutes for being such a great platform for video art and last but not least my husband Rogier van der Ploeg for supporting me in all possible ways.