Animation Workshop

Noortjes Fairy Tale World

noortjes sprookjeswereld opstelling
setting up the animation table

The children in Noortje de Gier’s class (Day a Week School, 7 – 12 years old) worked a full school day under my guidance learning about animation and stop motion.
In groups of four to five children they made stop motion movies (theme: fairy tales) by making up small stories, creating story boards, designing backgrounds, figures and props and finally animating their stories using iStopmotion, a Mac based application, and a webcam.

noortjes sprookjeswereld
Noortjes Fairy Tail World

Kids who had extra time (which was almost impossible because they already worked so hard) made animation sequences for the praxinoscope:praxinoscope

This was the second time I worked in Noortje de Gier’s class. Last time was before the Christmas holidays, in 2012:noortjes kerstcircus
Noortje’s Christmas Circus

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