Unseen Behind The Façade: the website

The website of Unseen Behind The Façade is finished!

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I made a series of pilot videos to inspire the other makers and to be used for the occasion itself. You can view them on this website, together with all the videos the other participating artists made.

Unseen Behind The Façade: Not a standard recording of reality, but a special view of a detail, a shadow, a worn staircase, a completely renovated floor, wrongly restored window frame, the real canal green; a visual story that gives a new insight in canal houses.
One minute videos researching life (historically) in over 100 Amsterdam canal houses were presented by the artists at Goethe-Institut Amsterdam in March 2014.
Unseen Behind the Façade is a joint initiative of The One Minutes, Gerrit Rietveld Academie/Sandberg Instituut and the Amsterdam Museum.
The One Minutes is a global platform for moving images. An important activity is producing a monthly video art magazine. Thirty museums and cultural spaces around the world are subscribers, and show it within their organisations.

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