Salon/collage workshop august 23

It was the first time my collage workshop *) took place inside my studio.


And I loved it. First of all because I could refer to the collage works made by fellow artists around me. And secondly because we had access to my entire collection of vintage books and magazines to help people look for images according to their needs.

DSC05113web DSC05112web

The atmosphere was nice and the results were both amazing and very different. To be repeated.

And here are the results (click to enlarge):

Martje van der Heide:
Caroline Nugteren:

Judith Koning:
DSC05123web DSC05124web
DSC05132web DSC05133web DSC05134web

Linda Kohn:

Katinka van Veen:

Anneke Mulder:
DSC05136web DSC05122web

Quinten Versluis:
DSC05117web DSC05126web

Hanneke Versluis:
DSC05135web DSC05130web
DSC05131web  DSC05128web

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