Patroon – Group Exhibition

Patroon Expo #1
Sunday February 15th, 15:00
Jansbrugkelder, Utrecht

patroon opening

Participating artists:

Joris Diks, Albo Helm, Joop Nolles, Hanna Koppenaal, Krista Peters and Maartje Jaquet.

What is it that impresses artists? Patroon wanted to find out. The results of an art chain were presented in a small exhibition.
What preceded this exhibition? Patroon chose the first participant and gave him a secret piece to work from. He then gave his work to a new artist he is inspired by. This new artist used the given work as a starting point for a new work. The result was given to the next artist of his choice, and so on. In this way the development of the art project has become beyond our control and a surprise for all.
Now that the chain of six art works had come to an end Patroon put together a presentation of all creations through a mini exhibit. The makers, each of them having seen one or two works themselves (the one they made themselves and / or the one that was given to them) reveiled and talked about their part of the chain, about what inspiration the work they received gave them and what the reason for their choice of the next participating artist was.

It Might As Well Be Spring
– It Might As Well Be Spring –
My contribution, a reaction to Krista Peter’s kinetic sculpture in wool called ‘Schulp’ (±shell).