MAARTJE JAQUET: The artist and her collection – Exhibition in Arti et Amicitiae

MAARTJE JAQUET: the artist and her collection
Exhibition: may 18th through june 30
Arti et Amicitiae 
(downstairs in the society)
Rokin 112
1012 LB Amsterdam

Official opening: monday, may 18th, 17:30
The exhibition is accessible to the public during the opening and after that from tuesday through friday from 10:00 to 17:00.

I made photos of all the walls, you can view them in this album on flickr:

foto arti expositie collectie

Thousand and one stories

In a stately Amsterdam canal house Maartje Jaquet lives and works . A building that has been transformed several times in the course of centuries. History is not revealed in all the details, but it can’t be washed away either. The different layers and characteristics of the many periods of time are easily recognized. A rich history that Maartje Jaquet cherishes.

Her collection is broad and has a wealth of all kinds of storylines. There are works by Maarten Ploeg, Peter Klashorst and Moritz Ebinger. She presents her collection, in a generous way. Works that are related to each other, sometimes a strange piece of plastic, a casual gift, a found object or her own work. Works by American artists Vivienne Strauss, Chris Baker, Shelley Savor (from Canada) and Calvin Seibert, the latter with a surprisingly multifaceted oeuvre.

Maartje Jaquet is also known for her versatility: she draws, paints, photographs, films, makes music and writes poetry. And she makes striking collages where an old image is revived and given a new meaning. Just like her house the story was still unfinished. This reflects on her personal art collection that consists of found objects, works by others and her own work. On her studio walls you see all kinds of frame narratives, opening into new windows, like in the stories of Sherazade. Her found objects are tangible reminders of what she, as a photographer and video artist, shows to the viewer in an unadorned way: everyday things become extraordinary when you look at them in a different way. The stories on her walls are a visual diary, they talk about the source of a work of art which lead to new creations or to the purchase of a new piece which then weaves into the collection to form a new story line. Thus, the creators of the works of art and the collection itself are incorporated into one big family.

Each part of the collection can be seen as a beloved member of the family.

One can not do without them.

March 2015

Harald Schole

With the following artists:
Anna Antonova, Chris Baker, Alison Bass, Marian Bijlenga, Jaap Blonk, Turi Braaksma – van Heerikhuizen, Maarten Brinkman, Anja Brunt, Patricia van de Camp, Carlomaria, Colombel, Luísa Cortesão, Cathy Cullis, Eddie D., Rins Dekker, Moritz Ebinger, Cozue Endoh, Fitacola, Laurent Gaudart, Melle Hammer, Kirsten Haugaard, Femke van Heerikhuizen, Roza Horowitz, Jos Houweling, Gertie Jaquet, Maartje Jaquet, Jelle Kampen, Josephine, Kinska, Rinaldo Klas, Peter Klashorst, Jean Bernard Koeman, Dana Komjaty, Judith Koning, Nicholas Laughlin, Yara van Loghem, Miriskum, Najim Molenaar, Frenk der Nederlanden, Tomio Nitto, Ann O’Neal García, powerpaola, Angelica Paez, Goran Patljech, Anita Philipsen, Maarten Ploeg, Oscar van der Ploeg, Rogier van der Ploeg, Marcel Prins, Sabine Remy, Chrystl Rijkeboer, Brigitta Ruven, Lucy Sarneel, Shelley Savor, Birgit Speulman, Herman Schouwenburg, Calvin Seibert, James Otto Seibold, Ines Seidel, Noel Sies, Myriam Simons,Martijn Smit, Sandra Soss, Straatjutter (Krista Peters), Vivienne Strauss, Su Tomesen, Giotta Tajiri, Ryu Tajiri, Keiko Tsuji, Moniek van de Vall, Joke van Vlijmen, Moniek Voulon, Arnold Weel, Jim van der Woude, Yano, Marieke Zeeman.