SPELING – Group Exhibition – August 1-9

speling If you happen to be in Friesland (in the Northern part of The Netherlands), within the next two weeks, or thinking of a nice place to go, you are welcome to visit this group exhibition SPELING, featuring playful*) art works by made by many different artists. All works are for sale at this yearly summer exhibition and the prizes have been kept low.

Participating artists: Anthony van den Boomen • Herman Schouwenburg • Peter van der Weele • Maarten Brinkman • Hans Emmelkamp • Jurjen Ravenhorst • Betty Simonides • Sigrid Hamelink • Birgit Speulman • Barbara Bartlett • Marian Bijlenga • Age Hartsuiker • Aimée Terburg • Karin de Visser • Maartje Jaquet • Jan Berckmans • Rudy Lanjouw • Maryan Geluk • Tineke Porck • Astrid Meijer • Milly Betten • Marcel Prins • Faan Olgers • Riki Mijling • Simon Oud • Chris Baker • Leo Cahn. I am participating with four small handmade collages, each of which coming in a custom made wooden frame.

*) SPELING translates as PLAY as in a freak of nature or as in margin, room, slack. But the title is about PLAY as in PLAYFULNESS too, of course.

SPELING – Group Exhibition
August 1st – August 9th
Kunstlokaal No.8
Schoterlandse weg 55
8411 XX Jubbega (Fr.)
The Netherlands