Platform Platvorm | Show What You Want Show

Friday the 11th of December the second issue of Platform Platvorm magazine has been launched at the Melkweg Expo with the opening of the ‘Show what you want show round 2’. This exhibition will run next to the launch of the second issue of the magazine at Melkweg Expo in Amsterdam.

Everyone, who’s work is featured in the second issue of the magazine, was asked to bring a work and install it in the space. The exhibition follows the same concept as the magazine. Platform Platvorm is an open call art magazine where artists are in control. Each participant has the opportunity to make a spread about their own work without any interference in the visual content. As a result the content remains fully original and very diverse. The artist can show the work as it was intended.

I contribute to both to the magazine and the exhibition with selections of collages from my Madonna&Child series.

pp1 Platform Platvorm #2

pp3  Show What You Want Show 2

Launch Platform Platvorm #2 &
11 December t/m 3 January
Opening: Friday 11 december, 20:00 (free entrance)
Open: Wed t/m Sun, 12:00-21:00
Entrance: through Melkweg Café (Marnixstraat 409)


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