These four drawings / water colors from the series ‘Amsterdamse Mensen’ (People of Amsterdam) have been selected for the group exhibition My Amsterdam  at WG Kunst in which forty artists give their view on the city: photography, graphic art, drawings, paintings, mixed media. All works are for sale, prices vary between €200,- and €500,- (Price of  my work will be one for €200, two for €300)


WG Kunst
Marius van Bouwdijk Bastiaansestraat 28
1054 SP Amsterdam
June 17th 5PM – June 26th 5PM

Participating artists:
Els Bannenberg, Ton Beentjes, Sylvia van Berkel, Mirjam Berloth, Jaqueline van de Bos, Michiel Bosman, Jaap Burger, Yorinde Diepstraten, Harry Emans, Fred Fritschy, Maryan Geluk, Linda Grool, Stefan ’t Hoen, Edgar Jansen, Corri Janssen, Maartje Jaquet,  Jelle Kampen, Anna Khodorovich, Jan Koster, Nynke Kuipers, Saskia Lensink, Lucy was here, Naomi Makkelie, Jeanet van der Meer, Beth Namenwirth, Jet Nijkamp, Frits Nolte, Dominique Panhuysen, Marianne Pruimboom, Monique Remmelzwaal, Linda Rusconi, Baukje Spaltro, H.F. van Steensel, Lucas Tulp, David de Visser,  Maarten Welbergen, Carolien Wissing,  Alex de Wolf, Henk Zomer en Ron Zwagemaker.

About mjaquet

see www.maartjejaquet.nl

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