24 international artists
August 6 – 21, wed – sun, 12:00 – 18:00
Offical opening august 6 at 15:00


Kunstlokaal №8
Schoterlandseweg 55
8411 XX Jubbega-Schurega
The Netherlands
+31 (0)516 463141

The group show LINE-UP, in Kunstlokaal №8, features 24 international artists, each with a different approach to the starting point: the line. The line as a connection, structure, border, track, demarcation, seam, contour, ornament. The line is form brought back to its essence, three- or two-dimensional. The lines are sober or expressive, their handwriting tight or sensitive, finely drawn or painted with broad gestures. A rich tableau.

Participating artists:
Chris Baker (USA) • Milly Betten • Marian Bijlenga • Maarten Brinkman • Antonio Gonzáles (SP) • Chen Harland GB) • Antón Hurtado (SP) • Maartje Jaquet • Martin de Jong • John Kok • Rudy Lanjouw • Carrie Meijer • Riki Mijling • Simon Oud • Tineke Porck • Marcel Prins • Anne Rose Regenboog • Vladica Ristic (SRB) • Francisco Rodrígues Pino (CHL) • Josias Scharf (BRD) • Herman Schouwenburg • Betty Simonides • Birgit Speulman • Aimée Terburg

My contribution consists of a series of Subway Line Drawings, made for the occasion while I was in New York City these last two weeks:Subway Line Drawings