TWIZA book launch and exhibition

Thursday evening, september 8, we celebrated TWIZA with a book launch at Huis De Pinto, Amsterdam. It was a wonderful, warm and unforgettable evening with performances of poets / writers / artists who contributed to the book TWIZA of de kunst van geven en nemen (TWIZA or the art of give and take) and with a musical performance by Hassan Benhammou, who improvised on the lute.

Back in Amsterdam, I invited Dutch and Moroccan Dutch writers (Asis Aynan, Shida Boukhizou, Maria van Daalen, Leo Divendal, Jos van Hest, Chaib Massaoudi, Nisrine Mbarki, Frenk Der Nederlanden, Mustafa Stitou, and Sandra de Weijze)  to see if they could find inspiration by the art I made during my stay in Morocco.

This resulted in an art book, self – published, printed on different kinds of paper, signed and numbered in a special edition of 150. It can be ordered through me (send me an e-mail at or bought at the exhibition at Huis De Pinto. The price for the book is , as of 2021, €15 (was €20).

The original drawings, the photos and the videos are now being exhibited at Huis De Pinto in Amsterdam, together with the texts (in Dutch).

Writers, artists and audience chatting at the book launch / exhibition.