Kortweg – Miniature Poetry

Kortweg – gedichten & Het filosofendebat – Amforismen

Eric van Loo & Gerard Beentjes (editors), Laren 2017

Three weeks ago I participated in the Miniature Poetry Festival in Laren 2017, which was also the book presentation of ‘Kortweg’ (‘In short’). I just received sent this package with (already!) the second edition. Containing forty miniature poems by twenty poets (in Dutch). If you turn this 10 x 10 cm booklet you can read The philosophers debate ‘Amforisms’, a philosophical conversation between the young and the old philosopher.
All for just € 5 (plus shipping).
If you like to you can order a copy from me through mjaquet@xs4all.nl

The participating poets are, in order of appearance:
Mariet Lems, Nynke Geertsma, Marion Sturgeon, French Terken Kate Schlingemann, Gerhard to shop, Maartje Jaquet, Jos van Hest, Inge Boulonois Martin of Vijfeijke Anneke Wasscher Ineke Holzhaus, Margriet van Bebber, Stout Doornbos, Ineke Riem Mia Wittop King, Robert Grijsen Gaston Bannier, Gerard Beentjes and Jaap Lemereis.

Here are my contributions, with an English translation:

asphalte sensuelle

toy pink sweet soft and swollen
lips lie waiting warmly
do i want you
hot under my feet
onto your cushion may i come

i’d love
to stay
no touching
nor loosing

(c) Maartje Jaquet 2017