Nasty Women Amsterdam

Nasty Women Amsterdam Art Exhibition
Don’t miss it. Bring money. Buy art. Be good.
Exhibition at Josilda da Conceição Gallery from March 4 – 12. The opening reception was a blast, people waiting in the street to get in. More than 240 art works have been donated by 186 participating artists (f/m). My donation consisted of a series of three ‘Nasty Women’ collages, all of them have already been sold, together with 130+ other art works. The exhibition continues until march 12th, so there’s still a chance you can acquire art for low prices (€1 – €200) and for a good cause. All profits go to causes like Women on Waves, COC Amsterdam and She Decides.

Josilda da Conceicao Gallery
Wormerveerstraat 15
1013 SJ Amsterdam

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