Springsnow in woord en beeld

Springsnow in woord en beeld (= in word and image)

Onze trap ziet eruit als een bed in de ochtend
Met het licht op het dek en de geur in het huis
Alles keurig in plooien er ligt geen blaadje verkeerd
Alsof alles hier wacht tot jij terug bent gekeerd *)

Every year, Amsterdam’s elm trees scatter the city’s streets with a blanket of blossom that has come to be known as ‘spring snow’. A true celebration of spring, the Springsnow Festival, organized by Tijdmakers, is set to return to the city from april 21st until may 21st. This year it’s the sixth edition. The Festival opened  in the Rietveld House in the Amstelpark with a the presentation of Springsnow Scarfs created by Barentsz Urban Fabric as a tribute to Johanna Westerdijk and, outside the Rietveld House with an exhibition of poems by Ronald M. Offerman written to a series of photographs made by Maartje Jaquet and designed by Monique Wijbrands:  Springsnow in woord en beeld (Springsnow in word and image). It’s in the open air, the entrance is free and it will stay there until the end of the festival, May 21st.

  The Rietveld House

 Saskia Hoogendoorn speeching

 Springsnow in word and image

 Walking, looking, reading, talking
Photos of the opening (c) Judith Koning 2017

*) Photo  Maartje Jaquet. Poem Ronald M. Offerman.
English translation:

Our stairway looks just like a bed in the morning
With the light on the sheets and the smell in the house
All neatly in folds every seed in its place  
As if everything’s waiting for you to come back