24 H Zuidoost: portraits

24 H Zuidoost: portraits
Here are some of the live drawings I made of people visiting 24 H South East at CBK Zuidoost.
I will be back here again on Saturday the 4th of November, during Museumnacht Amsterdam, to make more live portraits. On the same day AIR, a group exhibition of all the artists in residence who have been working at BijlmAIR for the last 12 months, will be opened, among the artists: Brian Elstak, Esther Meijer (Nieuw Jurk), Evy Jokhova, Esther Polak & Ivar van Bekkum and me, showing what I have been working on during my residency at BijlmAIR: in May / June I have been drawing and painting people in the streets of Amsterdam Zuidoost, on many different sizes of paper, from small scribbles (5x10cm) to large water colors (100x150cm).  More details about this event will follow soon in the News section of this website.



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