FLORIALIA magazine out now!

FLORIALIA, my own magazine, self published in a small one-time edition is out now!

For sale for € 15 at TOON (Amsterdam) or to be ordered through me: mjaquet@xs4all.nl At TOON, if possible, of course, is the best place to go and buy it, because then you can go and see the exhibition RELATED by cousin Turi Braaksma and me: https://maartjejaquet.wordpress.com/2017/ 10/10 / related-march-jaquet-turi-braaksma
Many thanks to the great printer / bookbinder Theo van Waarden in Zaandam and to the sponsors: Amina Belkasmi, Barbara Valeton, Jurgen Winkler, Maria Koning aka Airco Caravan, Ama Van Dantzig, Asis Aynan, Patrick Jonkman, Sylvie Zijlmans, Jose Manuel Arnaiz, Bart van Dijk and Sandy de Roos, Meertien Van Reenen, Marieke Bolhuis, Ronald M Offerman, Karen Forbes, Markus Griesshammer, Marcel van den Berg and my aunt Francien Braaksma.


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