De Bijlmer gezien door kinderogen

De Bijlmer gezien door kinderogen
(The Bijlmer as seen through the eyes of children)

On March 22nd, a very special exhibition will be opened in the context of 50 years of Bijlmer. Pupils from the Brede School Zuidoost have been working together for several weeks on artworks inspired by their environment. Films, works of wood, textiles, collages and graffiti works that they made can be seen in Heesterveld 75 from 22 March.
As an art teacher, Kunstjuf on Facebook, I worked on a collage project with children from 5-9 years old at As-Soeffah, an islamic primary school in Amsterdam Zuidoost. The 14,5 meters long collage story they created will be on show here, and is also to be seen on a youtube video I made with two of the pupils.

The exhibition will be opened on March 22nd and will be on show until 29 March 29th, during the opening hours of Heesterveld 75. The exhibition is the result of a collaboration between CBK Zuidoost and PPOZO (Project Office Primary Education Southeast).
From April 1 the objects mad by the students – together with the work of other talents from Zuidoost – can be seen at museum OSCAM on Bijlmerdreef 1289.

March 22nd –  March 28th, 2018
Opening times:
Friday, Saturday, Tuesday and Wednesday 11AM – 4PM
Access: free
Heesterveld Creative Community, Heesterveld 75, 1102 SB Amsterdam Zuidoost

From April 1st:
OSCAM, Bijlmerdreef 1289, 1103 TV Amsterdam Zuidoost
Opening times:
Monday – Friday 10AM – 6PM
Saterday and Sunday 12 noon – 6PM
Access: free




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