Shanghai – Sinan Video Salon: Biased Gods

ShanghART Gallery 香格纳画廊 has become a partner of Sinan Video Salon. Sinan Video Salon is a new monthly One Minutes screening In Shanghai, creating a dialogue between European and Chinese contemporary arts.
On July 20th, the second Sinan Video Salon took place, featuring Biased Gods., curated by Janna Ullrich.Participating artists: Arthur Röing Baer, Amelie Befeldt, Clément Carat, Frederik Gruyaert, Maartje Jaquet and Judith Koning, Sjaan Klijnee, Laresa Kosloff, Sascha Krischock, Rollin Leonard, Matthew Lessner, Jozef Mrva, Mikkel Niemann, Alejandra Morote Peralta, Mary Ponomareva, Puppies Puppies, Michael Robinson, Agnieszka Zimolag.Above is the video that was selected by Janna Uhlrich, It was made by Judith Koning and me (2014) and is called ‘Vlinderslag’ (Butterfly Stroke).



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