Green Olive Arts 2013 -2018

Green Olive Arts 2013 -2018
Congratulatons Green Olive Arts (Tétouan, Morocco) on your five year anniversary. Thank you so much, for hosting me back in 2016, it was a life changing experience to work on my drawings of people in the streets, in Tétouan as well as in Chaouen. And thank you for including my work in your retrospective exhibition featuring art from past artists in residence*).

Man selling his chicken in the street, pen and watercolor, Maartje Jaquet Tétouan, Morocco, 2016

*) Participating artists: Juliana Coles (USA), Idris Hassan (USA ), Johann Nortje (New Zealand), Kian Blethyn (Australia), Daide Hajar (Morocco), Dale Roberts (USA), Alinah Akbar Malik (Pakistan), Nancy Walter (Canada), Nidaa Aboulhosn (Lebanon/USA), Eman Salah (Egypt), Sara Inacio (Brazil/USA), Ishiwata Norio (Japan), Chifumi Ishiwata (Japan), Zhihao Guo (China), Elizabeth Hardy (USA), Maartje Jaquet (Netherlands), Jeffrey Olson (USA), Kevin Todd (Ireland), Diane Arenberg (USA), Heather Danso (USA), Mohamed Haïti (Morocco)

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