Atelier Open Papier 2019

Atelier Open Papier 2019
Six years of collage: an overview of my collage series featuring women and how one series evolved from the other. That’s what I’ll be showing at the big exhibition ‘Expositie Papier 19 t/m 24 maart 2019’, in De Bonte Zwaan, March 19th – 24th, organized by Atelier Open.   On Wednesday, March 20th I will be giving a collage workshop from 18:00 to 21:30 in which I will be talking about my work, the history of collage, thus giving the participants lots of inspiration. I will  bring scissors, cutting knives, glue, tape and part of my books and magazines collection for everyone to use.

Atelier Open presents PAPIER 2019 – an exhibition of art made from paper and cardboard: linos, installations, sculptures, collages and furniture made of paper and cardboard.
Papier 2019 offers various forms of art. Material, expressiveness and beauty as a common denominator. PAPIER 2019 is more than just an art exhibition; various activities (workshops and theater) take place, all are related to the arts and to the material: paper and cardboard.

Tuesday March 19 – Sunday March 24, 2019
Tuesday – Friday: 13.30 – 18.30
Saturday: 12.00 – 21.00
Sunday: 12.00 – 18.00
Art & Drinks
Saturday March 23: 17.00 – 21.00
Bonte Zwaan
Haparandadam 7
1013 HK Amsterdam
Participating artists
Katja Berkenbosch (collages), Edith Brouwer (linoleum prints), Charlotte Burgmans (sculptures), Cartoni Design (furniture), Maartje Jaquet (collages), Herman Mulder (mixed media), Elvira Out (collages), Loes Schepens (sculptures), MadebyNL (graphic art), Ines Seidel (sculptures), Annita Smit (sculptures), Erik Timmermans (mixed media), Judith Zwaan (papier maché sculptures).
Workshops (you can register for the workshops through
– Tuesday 19 March: 18.00 – 21.30 Linocut (Edith Brouwer / Atelier Open), €50 (soup / bread / drinks included)
– Wednesday, March 20: 18.00 – 21.30 Collage (Maartje Jaquet) €50 (soup / bread / drinks included)
– Thursday, March 21: 12.00 – 16.00 Paper Clinic (Marchelma Van Breugel) €90
– Friday 22 and Saturday 23 March: 10.00 – 16.30 Art workshop Ines Seidel, two days, €200  (lunch / drinks included)
– Tuesday 19 and Thursday 21 March: 18.00 – 21.30 Papier Maché Sculptures (Judith Zwaan), two evenings, €100  (soup / bread / drinks included)
– Friday March 22: 19:00 – 21:00 Theatre Workshop ‘from a Athena to Persephone’ (Elvira Out), €35 (soup / bread / drinks included)

Participants working with the materials, creating their collages, at a previous collage workshop.

Me, at the end of the workshop, discussing all creations with the participants.

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