Finissage ZomerSalon Royaal

Finissage ZomerSalon Royaal
Yesterday was the last day of  ZomerSalon Royaal at CBK Zuidoost, Amsterdam. This was the first edition of this new kind of summer group exhibition, with contributions by both professional artists and amateurs. It was a beautiful exhibition and honestly I couldn’t really tell if a work was made by an ‘amateur’ or by a ‘professional’. Well done! This year’s theme was ‘The Bijlmer’ (another name for the ‘south east part of Amsterdam where CBK Zuidoost is situated).


Five participants won a special prize, their works will be printed and exhibited in public space in Amsterdam Zuidoost.

Congratulations to Gerda Dapper, Jente Jelles, Daniëlle Kanis, Lawil Karama and Carla de Rooij!

Next year there will be a second ZomerSalon Royaal, with a new theme: ‘Youth”.
Again, everybody can apply for this exhibition!

My contribution for this year:
Woman with shopping cart, © Maartje Jaquet 2017
Pencil and watercolor on 50x65cm paper, in wooden frame.

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