Zwaluwen – crowdfunding

‘Zwaluwen’ (Swallows), a documentary about the origin of the Amazigh movement in the Netherlands,  is almost ready for viewing, but money is still needed for the final finish. Could you help? If you like you can receive a professional, numbered and signed print, size 21×29.7cm,  of the four pen drawings that I used as a basis for the cover of Vallende tijd (Berberbibliotheek), a book with Riffian poetry by Mohammed Chacha, Mimoun el Walid, Fadma el Ouariachi and Ahmed Ziani, translated into Dutch.

You can also compete for a unique, larger color version of the portrait of Mohammed Chacha, 30×40 cm. I am going to work on this painting the upcoming week.

Look here to support ‘Zwaluwen’:

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