A cow-pecker and other coincidences

It was a special morning today. Around ten o’clock I picked up my work from the Arti Winter Salon, my pen and watercolor portrait of traffic controller Paul Plak. I had a nice conversation, with a woman who works there, about our mothers, grandmothers, mothers-in-law and stepmothers (2019 was a mother year, we decided). We talked about grabbing the bull by the balls and catching the cow by the horns.
I drew a cow like the ones we have in Den Ilp, next to the woodpecker at number eight, in the swan-stick-to-cadavre-exquis-goep artwork of Henk Fakkeldij. Now what’s that woodpecker doing there?
Mirjam thought that the number on the earring, 2992, had to mean something. “Were you 29 years old in ’92?” It was correct!
I had a nice and quiet walk through the new exhibition “Open Call” and was able to view everything in peace.
On my way back home I came across Paul Plak, the traffic controller of the portrait! He wanted to see it and thought it was beautiful. His colleagues also came to have a look. Paul wanted to be photographed with his portrait. See my previous post!

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