Miss Alida, Shopperhal, Bijlmerplein Amsterdam

This year’s Zomersalon Royaal (yearly group exhibition) at CBK Zuidoost has the theme: how do you see the future?

Tuesday I will bring this drawing to the gallery, a pen and watercolor on 20×30 cm paper made in 2019. I think this small shop of Mariëlla Bekker deserves some special attention: Miss Alida, in the Shopperhal at Bijlmerplein, with Barbie dolls, princess dresses, books, exercise books, party supplies, you name it. “For brown children that they can recognize themselves in it. And of course it is also good for other children.” The future starts with the basics.

PS postcards of this drawing and other ones, are for sale at artunlimited.com and most probably also in the CBK Zuidoost gallery store.

Update: the opening took place on Thursday July 2nd. It was different than usual this time; due to the measures regarding Covid-19 it took place online. Here’s a snapshot. My drawing can be seen in the background.

The gallery is working with time slots.
The exhibition runs from July 2nd until August 22nd.

CBK Zuidoost
Anton de Komplein 120
1102 DR Amsterdam
+31 (0)20 22 52 880


  1. Hallo, daar dacht ik ook iets over na, maar ik besloot het op internet te zoeken, toen vond ik deze site en ik vond hier een aantal interessante zinnen. Ik hou echt van de manier waarop je het uitdrukt en je show om het te schrijven .. Heel aardig. Ik hou van de manier waarop je het bepaalt.

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