M_M_Artspace Amsterdam Zuidoost

After André Smits visit to my studio I decided to make a new art work, for his and Monika Dahlbergs M_M_Artspace *) in Amsterdam Zuidoost: a pen and watercolor portrait of Glenda, the first portrait for a new project: Keti Koti Portraits. With this project I would like to raise attention for the commemoration of the abolition of slavery by the Netherlands on July 1st 1863 (or 1873 because forced labor still existed until that year). It would be good if this became a national holiday on which we all can look back and forward, a day to heal and to celebrate.

The portrait of Glenda on the wall of BIJLMAIR, is like a baton for a relay race. Because, when Rinaldo Klas is coming over from Suriname, if all goes well with the Corona pandemic, in the beginning of October until the end of November, Moritz Ebinger and I will be joining him to work on a big art work in the exact same BIJLMAIR space. I am planning to work around my Keti Koti Portraits there, taking into account the collaboration with Rinaldo and Moritz of course. It’s wonderful that the first portrait of my new project is implied in a mural in the same space: CBK ZUIDOOST BIJLMAIR, Heesterveld 69, Amsterdam.

Update: here’s a selfie Monika Dahlberg made for me the other day, posing in front of my painting on the wall, next to the wild flowers and wearing the face mask I brought as small presents when coming over to M_M_Artspace.

*) M_M_Artspace is the new nomadic art space of Monika Dalhlberg (ABSO FUCKING LUTELY) and André Smits (ARTISTINTHE WORLD). The exhibitions really exist, but are only accessible by royal exception. The interaction between this reality and what can be seen virtually on social media and website speaks for itself.

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