FINO ALL’ ARCADIA: Quasi vermiglia rosa

Our seventh cahier is finished! The title is: Quasi vermiglia rosa, which means vermilion-like pink. The flowers on the pages, drawn by Maartje Jaquet, Euonymus europaeus (double page) and Silene dioica (single page) refer to the title. Edith’s linocuts refer to the total atmosphere of the poetry. The third image in the slideshow below is of Cahier 6: L’isola, which is still available.

Background information and selling price:
Maartje Jaquet and Edith Brouwer are working together on the FINO ALL ‘ARCADIA project. On paper from a book from 1909 by Maartje’s grandfather, Maartje makes watercolor drawings and Edith makes linoleum prints. We present three pages from that book (each 13x19cm) in a cahier that we make from more than 100 years old paper from catalogs of the then Museum Boymans in Rotterdam.
We both learned Italian and love the country, the language, the people, the culture and the food. We are inspired by the words of the poetry in the book of Maartje’s grandfather. And because of the atmosphere of the old material.
Each booklet is unique. A three-page cahier with watercolor drawings and linoleum prints costs 95 euros. The first five have already been sold. In the coming months, we will continue to show and offer books for sale. It is also possible to have a cahier made on commission. Then you can give a word yourself, Dutch or Italian. We will then make such a notebook especially for you, inspired by your word. A beautiful gift for yourself, but also very special for a loved one.
If you are interested in a cahier, you can contact us.

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