10x10artist: pen drawings & water colors

10x10artist is an art project by gallery Atelier Open. It offers a varied selection of artworks by Dutch and International artists. Lately, the website and concept have been fully updated. Art works come in all kinds of media, themes, shapes and (affordable) prices, just as long as the size of the works is the same: 10 cm × 10 cm.
Among the participating artists there are: Edith Brouwer (with whom I also collaborate on our Fino All’ Arcadia cahier project), Erik Timmermans, Herman Mulder, Dorien Bellaar, Herman Schouwenburg, Carola Rombouts, Judith Koning and me; all artists offering new 10x10cm sized work for sale.
My new contributions consist of pen drawings and works in pen and water color on different kinds of paper and varying prices. They fit perfectly in a 10x10cm photo frame, if you like.
Hopefully, there will be exhibitions and other public events again in the near future, when corona restrictions become less severe. Meanwhile have a look at the website and buy these beautiful and affordable art works online!

Some examples, there’s more on https://10x10artist.com/artiest/maartje-jaquet

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