Review ‘Iepenstad’ in NRC

Delighted with this full page review of the book Iepenstad in NRC, Dutch national quality newspaper.

Journalist Kester Freriks writes that “Ronald M. Offerman’s elm poems, inspired by the atmospheric photos of Maartje Jaquet, stand out because of the seemingly harmless but effective attention to the small: elm seeds between sidewalk tiles, tram rails, on a chalk drawing made by children on the pavement, blown away in spider silk. Ordinary, but because of the graceful heart shape of the seed and the color, ranging from silver to copper gold, the photos become minuscule surrealist works of art. The poems and photos teach us to look at the detail as at a wonder of the world, such as the photo of two elm seeds against a dark gray background: this is an elm ballet.”

In the digital edition there are even more photos:

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