Empty Hands travels the world & Review by Ann O’Neal Garcia

Our book, ‘lege handen – Ifassen Ixwan – empty hands’ travels to places around the world, which we love because it has been made by artists from different origin and continents, and we think it’s symbolic of the pandemic we are still in. Today I sent a copy to Sweden. And our dear friend, artist and writer Ann O’Neal Garcia wrote to me:

“Your wonderful new book just came last night. It is a marvel with Shelley’s drawings, your sensitive and clear photos, and Mesbahe’s contribution…
It is a beautiful thing with a very serious cause. I love how you kept seeing latex gloves and the idea they wanted to tell you something. Empty Hands is a perfect title, giving homage to those who have fought Covid and tried to protect themselves, those who have had Covid and died of it.
 It is a very unique approach. Somehow those gloves and their drawings speak to the reader. This was a time when we found fingers pointing the way…and hands that have known work. Hands that tried to be safe. Each glove is contorted. Some seem most sad, a few hopeful. Some give signals, even Fuck You. Not so many of those, but I found Fuck You appropriate.”

There are still copies of this self-financed art book available, selling price is €20 ex postage and can be ordered through me: mjaquet@xs4all.nl

UPDATE: All profits of this artist book are donated to MSF, to help with COVID-19 projects around the world. I has been printed on a limited edition of 100, and can be ordered, for €20 ex shoipping costs, through me, by e-mail: mjaquet@xs4all.nl

Here are some photos and paintings of many, and one verse in Dutch, English and Tarifit of the ten verses long poem.

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