Toko Omoe

Yesterday morning I brought a print of my drawing to Toko Omoe (aka Toko Kaihing) in Amsterdam Zuidoost. Toko Omoe is the most beautiful store with EVERYTHING in the field of good food, hair care, Buddha statues and the most delicious sandwiches, fried rice, etc. The toko is named after Omoe (or official spelling ‘omu’ which means ‘uncle’ in Sranan Tongo). Omoe himself is in the drawing. And in the photo with me. On the website of Toko Omoe there is a nice article about our exchange and about my work!

Omoe and I, both proud and happy!

I had once made the drawing for Argus Magazine, 48th issue, and Nellie Bakboord’s story made me think of it again. Nellie was also there herself, to sell her book Aaybaya, filled with beautiful stories about Suriname that were previously published in De Ware Tijd.

My drawing, made for Argus Magazine.

I was just sitting outside on a bench in the sun, chatting with a passerby, Andy, who was interested in my work.

Andy admiring my work. Toko Kaihing / Omoe in the background.

Nellie had brought me beautiful black and white photos from the past, in the Palmentuin (Paramaribo), which I was allowed to photograph to use (paint) for my Keti Koti Project. You will see that later.

Taking pictures of pictures. Picture taken by Nellie Bakboord. ;+)

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