BijlmAIR Open Studio

Visual artists Rinaldo Klas, Moritz Ebinger and Maartje Jaquet invite you to admire their joint work as part of the BijlmAIR *) program. During 24H Zuidoost, on Saturday September 17th, from 12:00 – 18:00, you are welcome to come and take a look inside their ‘birdcage’ on the second floor of Heesterveld 69, near subway stop ‘Bullewijk’.
The final results will be exhibited in CBK Zuidoost at the end of this year: the official opening will be on December 8th.
Previous works by the three artists, to give you an idea of what might be created during their stay at BijlmAIR

Surinamese artist Rinaldo Klas is coming to the Netherlands for BijlmAIR and will be working with Moritz Ebinger and Maartje Jaquet in September. They are all visual artists, good friends and have been working together for a long time. Maartje and Moritz have been to Suriname many times, made artworks there and taught students at the Nola Hatterman Academy. Rinaldo and Maartje had a duo exhibition in Suriname, where they also made a large painting together.

During the BijlmAIR residency, all three artists will be making joint work for the first time. Together they will paint on a series of canvases, which can be attached to each other, on paper, make collages and who knows what else, using materials they find on the streets, books from the second hand store in the neighborhood and what not. Although the artists each have their signature style, themes and use of medium/material, you can still see overlaps in their sensitive execution of lines, use of colour and attention to certain subjects.

For BijlmAIR they have chosen a theme that appeals to all three of them: BIRDS. Tropical birds and birds of the Bijlmer, street birds. Birds bridge distances and birds live in the AIR of the BijlmAIR. The theme also relates to the many nationalities of people, thus the working title will be ‘ala kondre fowru’, Sranan Tongo (Surinamese) for ‘ birds of all nations’. Birds, people, they, we, everybody has to live together, get along, adapt, accept each other. It will be a colorful project for sure! Welcome on the Open Studio Day!

*) BijlmAIR (Bijlmer Artist-in-Residence) is the residency program of CBK Zuidoost in collaboration with Bradwolff Projects and the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. CBK Zuidoost started BijlmAIR in 2001, in which international and artists from the Netherlands are invited to come and work and live in the Bijlmer for a temporary period. The program offers artists a working period, a living and working space, an exhibition space and a modest working budget. The assignment they receive from CBK Zuidoost is: create work that somehow enters into a relationship with Amsterdam Zuidoost. The created work can be seen in the ‘Air in Zuidoost 2022’ exhibition, December 2022, CBK Zuidoost, Anton de Komplein, Amsterdam Zuidoost.

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