Illustration & Design
Illustrative design & graphic illustration, simple and to the point, but often with a twist, handmade and digital

Graphic design
Brandingicons, logos, stamps, stationary, websites, …


Posters and flyers: theatre, exhibitions, workshops, …

posters, flyers

Books, cd / dvd covers


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Different projects
The faster I walk, the smaller I am.
Black, white & one color, digital, adobe illustrator. I loved this novel by Kjersti A. Skomsvold so much made illustrations to it. The author of the book loved my illustrations too, we corresponded about them.


Haus am See. Collage, handmade with paper, scissors and glue. Inspired by Peter Fox’ song. You can read the lyrics here.

collage haus am see

Klankplaten (Soundpictures). Black & white drawings made in illustrator. For adult students of Dutch as a Second Language.


Surinameplein. Text and illustrations (water color on paper) by me.


Picto Ant2. Black & white drawings made in illustrator. For a speaking and pre-reading method for adult, illiterate students of Dutch as a Second Language. Authors: Merel Borgesius, Jenette Brinks, Jan Nijdam, Maartje Jaquet

picto ant2