• Visual artist (pen and watercolor) for Argus, a Dutch national magazine that appears every two weeks (from 2017). Recently the 100th issue has been published! (March 2021)
  • Series of my pen and water color drawings of people wearing face masks, made for Argus magazine, has been acquired by the KOG (Royal Antiquarian Society) at the Rijksmuseum Amsterdan and are now kept in one of the Atlases of ‘Customs and Manners’ (2021)
  • Different seriesof my pen and water color drawings have been acquired by CBK Zuidoost, Amsterdam, where they are on display, for lease of for sale (as of 2017).
  • My art is represented by MUSEO, online gallery presenting multiples, series and editions of acclaimed international artists. One can view and buy a series of pen and water color drawings, made for Argus magazine, is on display and for sale through(as of 2021)
  • My art (photography, pen / watercolor)is also represented by, a digital gallery that displays and sells all kinds of art works by different artists, all works are sized 10×10(x10)cm.
  • Z! Amsterdam Magazine for the Homeless: visual artist (drawings/ paintings) and writer (2017-2019)
  • ‘Kunstclub’ (art club) visual arts teacher at my studio in Den Ilp, with children aged 8+ (from 2019)
  • Special Education visual arts teacher / co-teacher, at two schools: Van Koetsveldschool and Het Spectrum, assigned by ‘De rode loper op school’, Amsterdam (from 2015)
  • Singer, bass guitarist in Arizona Highways (band) as well as organisor and grpahic desogner of Club Fantasma in the Torpedo Theater, Amsterdam, NL (from 2015)
  • Curator for SPRiNG is in the AiR, Springsnow Expo Amsterdam (2013, 2014)
  • Independent workshop leader (children and adults): video, photography, poetry, collage, and more – The Netherlands, France, China, Surinam, Morocco
  • Stop motion movies guest teacher at the Day A Week School, Amsterdam (from 2012)
  • Workshop leader for ‘Herrekijker’ at the festival Into The Great Wide Open (Vlieland, NL, 2013 & 2014), De Rode Loper Op School (2013), masterclass for teachers at VONCK symposium Utrecht (2014)
  • Curator, Photographer, Video Artist for Springsnow Expo 2013 (Amsterdam, april – may 2013)
  • Tropenmuseum Junior: visual artist (photography and text), installation inide the exhibition ‘MixMaxBrasil’ (oktober 2012)
  • Mister Motley: photography and texts for this Dutch (online) Art Magazine.
  • Atelier Open (from 2011): graphic designer, visual artist, co-curator
  • Guest teacher for City Oneminutes by The Oneminutes Organization at AHKCO / Nola Hatterman Instituut Paramaribo, in cooperation with Holland Doc, VPRO (Surinam, january 2009) and at Beihang University (China, may 2009)
  • Guest teacher for City Oneminutes by The Oneminutes Organization at AHKCO / Nola Hatterman Instituut Paramaribo, in cooperation with Holland Doc, VPRO at Beihang University (China, may 2009).
  • Workshop leader ‘Old story, new me’ at Stranger Academy for young European video makers aged – 25, Stranger Festival Amsterdam. In collaboration with Nadine Hottenrott and Emile Zile. Commissioning party: Netherlands Institute of Sound and Vision in collaboration with Knowledgeland.
  • The Oneminutes Organization (since 2007): curator, video artist, workshop leader, coordinator.
  • Z! Amsterdam Magazine for the Homeless (2007 – 2018): video artist, photographer, writer
  • Photography – poetry project ‘Stadsbeesten – Urban Animals’
    Made possible on a grant bij the AFK, Amsterdam Fund for the Arts. Photos from this project were used for Y&R Milan’s WWF print campaign. This was finalist at the New York Festivals and  was featured in Lüzer’s International ARCHIVE, Vol. 5, 2011.
  • Web designer (from 1999), made websites for CZAR (The Netherlands, USA, Belgium, Germany) , furniture design company (NL), for commercial director Rogier van der Ploeg ( (international) and for Jan Dirk van der Ploeg, Emeritus Professor of Othopedagogical Science (NL)
  • ROC van Amsterdam (from 1988 until 2007), Dutch as a Second Language; teacher, mentor, assessor
  • Astral Bodies, bass guitar & vocals; cd, video clips, live performances, feature film, multi media show, with Maarten Ploeg, Ryu Tajiri, Rogier van der Ploeg, Noel Sies, Moniek van de Vall (from 1986 until 1889)