insectomania for creatie
creatie, print issue #2, 2014, pages 26-27

I am happy and proud to be part of this beautiful magazine on ‘creation’.
The theme of this issue, curated by CZAR NL, is ‘angst’.
Thank you Sybrig Andringa and Ralph de Haan for inviting me.

Sybrig Andringa:
“Maartje sees and discovers special nondescript worlds and brings them to life in a remarkable way.
I think her work is very exciting.”

Maartje Jaquet (1963) works in various media: photography, video art, drawing, painting, poetry, collage. She expresses her own feelings and associations – and con- sequently those of others – with a minimalistic approach. Her photography consists of surreal, funny and poetic images she finds during her walks through town. Jaquet’s latest passion is collage. She cuts her way through vintage books and magazines, combining, juxtaposing and intertwining different images to create something new and unexpected. Intuition plays a big role in her working process. She works without a definite plan. When she feels the image is right she glues it all together, which cannot be undone. The process of cutting and pasting is scary and liberating at the same time.

Collage felt like the best medium for this Angst issue. She made a special series where she combined large images of insects with classy Hitchcock like women, taken from fashion magazines of the late fourties.