Photo exhibition with poetry and music.


De morgen wacht nog even (morning lingers on), a little book*) of poems, photos and music, is the result of a collaboration between photographer Patricia van de Camp with visual artist Maartje Jaquet (who wrote the poems), the musicians of Kein Angst, Nina Helvert and Jan den Besten (who made the music) and graphic artist Ellen Tolboom who did the layout.
It tells the story of a night to a day. Is it a dream? Is it reality?

The opening of the exhibition is on Sunday, September 28th at 16.00.
Maartje Jaquet will read the poems and there is a music performance by Kein Angst.

Photo Gallery Objektief
Walstraat 33
7511 GE Enschede

Official opening on Sunday, September 28th at 16.00.
Opening times: Wednesday through Saturday from 12:30 to 17:00.

*) If you like to receive this beautiful hard cover book with cd (€ 15,- shipping excluded), send me an email:
All photos and poems can be seen and read here: in Dutch or in English.