TWIZA – leafing through the book

After an extension of two more weeks, today will be the final day of the exhibition ‘TWIZA’ at Huis de Pinto in Amsterdam. If you would like to be able to enjoy the book at home, there are still copies left of this limited edition art book. Please have a look at this short video to get an impression of the content. You can find the order information below.

twiza - leafing through the book

TWIZA is a limited edition full color art book, printed on five different kinds of paper, with drawings, photos and video stills I made during her artist residency in Morocco and the poetry, essays and short stories (in Dutch) by Asis Aynan, Shida Boukhizou, Maria van Daalen, Leo Divendal,  Jos van Hest, Chaib Massaoudi, Nisrine Mbarki,  Frenk Der Nederlanden, Mustafa Stitou and Sandra de Weijze.

TWIZA, signed and numbered (from 1 – 150) costs €20; postage inside the Netherlands is €2,92 and outside €6,25.

If you like to order the book: send me an email at
It is also possible to pay through PayPal.

More information about the project can be found in previous posts on this website as well as on the Green Olive Arts blog.

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