Amazigh Festival Rotterdam
Last week I attended two festival evenings of the Amazigh Festival Rotterdam. Both with poetry, literature and music. On the first evening, Woorden zonder Hoofddoek! (Words without Headscarfs!) I had a small sketchbook with me and I made some spontaneous sketches. The people were so happy about it they invited me to come back to Rotterdam on the closing music night: Grenzen Voorbij (Beyond Limits) at Podium Grounds.
voorkant-flyer-berber-festival-2016jh achterkant-flyer-berber-festival-2016jh
Here’s a small selection of the drawings, featuring the poets, writers and musicians that were performing on both nights. Please click to enlarge.
img_5295 img_5292 img_5290 img_5286 img_5285 img_5283 img_5279  img_5277 img_5275 img_5293 img_5254 img_5262 img_5266 img_5250 img_5245 img_5253 img_5270 img_5256 img_5272 img_5243

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