WG Kerst Sale 2016

WG Kerst Sale 2016
If you happen to be in Amsterdam this upcoming weekend, here’s your chance to buy wonderful art for only €100. More than 100 pieces of art by more than 100 artists. Photography, painting, ceramics, collage, sculpture, you name it. The idea is that one can buy art for a relatively small amount of money, even if  €100 can be a lot of money for some people.


My contribution: three photos from my project ‘Stadstuin – City Garden’, 60x80cm, c-prints, mounted on mdf wood (black, 1cm) and ready to be placed on the wall. (Click to enlarge).

6333640487_e482e9b6b8_b While My Guitar Gently Wheeps

6331930912_131e4412e8_b  Emmer (Bucket)

6333766603_afb66a2c77_b Porphyrophobia

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