50 years of Bijlmer

Fifty years of BIJLMER

In the CEC building people are working hard on the exhibition that will open on Saturday, November 25 at 14:00. “Exhibition about urban planning and heritage, with reception and drinks.”
With, among others, ‘Portrait of the Bijlmer’, street portraits of people from the neighborhood made by me. And if you are there, take the chance to go and visit CBK Zuidoost, where there is even more work from the same series, until December 9
– 50 years of Bijlmer, CEC building, Bijlmerdreef 1289, Amsterdam ZO
November 25, 2017 – January 10, 2018
– AIR in ZO, CBK Zuidoost, Anton de Komplein 120, Amsterdam ZO
November 4 – December 9, 2017


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