The Greatest Smallest Exhibit

The Greatest Smallest Exhibit (De Grootste Kleine Expo)

Saturday, December 16th and Sunday, December 17th at TOON, Jan Everstenstraat 6, Amsterdam.

Each visitor can retreat inside the smallest room (except for one), close the door, and quietly enjoy all the beautiful small artworks and then decide if he / she would like to buy something, to have it wrapped, as a gift to a friend, relative or to oneself. Easy to bring with you, small yet unique. Dimensions are smaller than 12x12cm and the prices are under € 50, -.

Participants of the Greatest Smallest Expo: Linda Rusconi, Mali Dielingen, m, Edith Brouwer, EllenTekent, Olga Nagtegaal, Isa Back and me!

I made these small drawings during my stay as an artist in residence at De KunstKamer in Amsterdam Nieuw West, while working on my drawing / painting project Amsterdamse Mensen (‘People of Amsterdam’).



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