Vallende tijd – book cover

Vallende tijd – book cover

In January 2019, Uitgeverij (publisher) Jurgen Maas will publish the final book in the Berberbibliotheek (Berber Library) – series. It is a poetry book, compiled by Asis Aynan, with poems by four famous writers from the Rif region (North Morocco), translated into Dutch. All writers wrote / write in their mother language, Tarifit, a version of Tamazight, which is the original language of many people in Northern Africa. The four poets are: Mohammed Chacha, Mimoun el Walid, Fadma el Ouariachi and Ahmed Ziani.

It was an honor to me that I was asked to make their portraits for the book cover. First I drew the portraits with pen and black ink. After that I painted these with water colors. The colored portraits have been used on the front of the cover, the black and white versions on the back. The graphic design for the front cover was also by me.

The poetry book is now in the Jurgen Maas autumn catalogue, together with new books by Abttoy, Sietske de Boer, Rodaan Al Galidi and all the other books that have been / will be published bij Uitgeverij Jurgen Maas

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